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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 4 years ago

What do i do now?

I lied to the whole school.

I hate being african american. On my mom side i am some korean. My moms grandma is half korean. I dont look korean at all, but i embrace it as much as possible . I told the whole school that im half black, half korean and that ive been to korea. I also told the whole school that my dad is korean and my mom is black. My mom showed up to school one day and a few people told her about my little fib and she recked me. The question is, what do i do now? I hate being black and i want to be more korean.

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    4 years ago
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    If you went to Korea, you would be considered too African and not at all enough Korean. If you thought America was racist, foreign countries are actually far worse. However, you can be more United States of American. The real concept of the United States is to put away the old and have opportunities to become new. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York have large Korean communities, but even more so they have Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Mexican, Puerto Rico and Cuban communities besides. Such a blend of communities and mixes means that race becomes less important and capability becomes more important. My friend in Los Angeles works for Universal Studios -- he is a tall African-American mixed with French and Haiti and Native American, and he is usually in a military costume for the "Transformers" venue at Universal Studios. I have another friend who is Pacific Islander mixed with white and she and her sisters and brother have million-dollar smiles and all work at Barnes and Noble while attending community college for business degrees. I have Asian friends who are Japanese, Chinese, and yes, Korean-Americans who are paralegals, dental assistants, office managers and my sister who is white works for a Chinese import shipping company as a sales representative for shipping products from China to the US, while the owner is Chinese from China. You have put yourself into your own box by declaring your label. Take yourself out of the box, and that is where education itself really is important. Buckle down and do your studies and get the "A"-grades to qualify for scholarships, and I mean seriously -- start putting in more work getting A grades for scholarships and put away the work at being accepted because of how you look. Get out of fashion and clothes and caring what people think of your looks and put your focus into learning about Korea through watching Korean dramas on Hulu or Netflix and see what it is to be Korean in Korea. Learn how to cook Korean food through youtube videos (Maangi is adorable!) Learn how to take clothes and redesign and refurbish them into your own individual style and quit following the crowd. Go to the library and read for yourself books on Korean history, but do your own study of American history and work on good English writing skills. Stop waiting for people to like you "because" and work on liking people whether or not they like you back. Become a nice person and let the others do the talking while you become one good listener. Participate in school activities and volunteer for your local church activities so you have something to put on a scholarship application. Pick up something of interest and turn it into your hobby and learn about it on your own in your spare time and become knowledgable on one good subject. So this time next year, instead of being ashamed, you can be better and hold your head high again. But I can tell you that Gap and ABercrombie and Fitch and Hollister and all those clothing companies hire mixed-race models all the time. Become better in your own way, and work at being better, and the social opinion of you will change. If you do your own thing, the others will eventually follow. I should know. Years ago I was into ice hockey in Los Angeles, way, way back before anyone cared. And I tried to get people into ice hockey and the kids at school thought I was crazy. And then The LA Kings traded for Wayne Gretsky and Ice hockey became the HOTTEST ticket and suddenly I was a trend-setter --- what?!? Do your own thing and become your own person and make people accept you for who you are and not a label (or a tool!) Get going to get learning and get interested and become interesting and life will be changed soon enough. Good luck and get a move on!

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  • 4 years ago

    Lol stupid child.

    In Korea you will be looked down on for being half black.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ugh f*cking koreaboo.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    kill yourself koreaboo

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