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If u been watching hunting hitler hitler could of made it out alive to Argentina,?

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    For some time now there have been persistent rumors that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his final hours. I fail to see why this should be a matter of controversy. After all, he was born in 1889, which would make him 127 years old. Scholars speculate that he had Parkinson’s disease. If he had lived, the disease would have crippled him.

    According to a documentary by World Net Daily (

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    ), Hitler escaped his bunker and made it to Argentina. It claims there is abundant evidence, but doesn’t supply any other than a doubt publicly expressed by General Eisenhower. It claims that a woman’s skull the Soviets believed belonged to Eva Braun actually belonged to another woman, but this isn’t much positive evidence that Hitler got away.

    World Net Daily is a far right propaganda machine that prints articles from such notorious lunatics as Anne Coulter, Pat Robertson and even the dimwit presidential contender Ben Carson. As is typical of these sites, ‘news’ consists of speculation and opinions, and often, outright lies.

    The Russian army had Berlin surrounded and were only blocks away from his bunker when Hitler supposedly escaped. The documentary mentioned above claims that he took a submarine to escaped. Berlin is some 100 km. from the coast, and he would have had to get through Russian lines to get there. This is so unlikely that it seems almost impossible. World Net News claims that the OSS helped Hitler escape, but the same logistical problems apply, and the US was not in Berlin at the time.

    World Net News claims that there was no eyewitness to Hitler’s suicide. That’s true: it occurred behind closed doors, but the shots were heard by witnesses. Not everyone in that bunker made it out alive, but his secretary, Gertrude Traudi Junge, did, and she goes into great detail about the final days.

    Finally, there is Hitler’s psychology to consider. Hitler was an extreme narcissist (and probably a sociopath as well, there is some overlap in the two disorders and one can have more than one disorder at a time). He stated plainly in Mein Kampf that he would kill himself if he failed, and it fits his mentality perfectly. He knew what would happen to him if he were captured, and he couldn’t face the humiliation. So, like a garden variety domestic tyrant, he decided that he and Eva Braun must die together. Oh, and also his dog, because his dog, of course, wanted to go to hell with him.

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    I haven't watched the show, but this isn't the first time that theory had popped up. I don't believe it, because I just don't think the most notorious person of the time could have stayed hidden. They found a lot of the high-ranking Nazis that did indeed escape to South America. So, it just doesn't seem that Hitler could have stayed hidden, especially well past his death, because he would certainly be dead by now. Someone always brags in cases like this.

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    Personally, I think that show's about as credible as Ancient Aliens or The Search For Bigfoot, but to have lived out his declining years a sick old man in constant terror of discovery would have been a far more fitting punishment for history's worst villain than a quick death from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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    Even if he did escape from Berlin in the last days of WW2 to anywhere at all, Hitler had no influence on Europe or even Germany at any stage after 1945, except indirectly, in the way of the shameful existence of a fairly small number of "Neo-Nazis".

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    He's been positively identified from his remains in Germany.

    Shows can speculate all they want, they'll always be shot down by the facts.

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    Sure, except his remains did get identified after the Russians eventually allowed western forensics to examine them.

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    They also claimed he had Jewish ancestors which made money for the authors of such material big time.

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