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Are older men who did not get married, or had children, trailblazers and role-models for men in our era?


Iva friend now in their 60's. He never married or had children, but in doing so, he avoided all the financial calamities brought about by how women control the relationship & children. Things that r even worse, he avoided the divorce & financial ruin. Even better 4 him, he is not now stuck 2 a nagging fat b'tch who threatens 2 leave & take everything he has. He has complete financial independence & does what he likes. If he wants 2 do something, he just does it, no fat ugly b'tch to contend with

Update 2:

You see, I think this is where people have it wrong. What is worse, loneliness or ruin? Did you know that a man can end up with both just because he chose to get hooked up with a woman? My friend in their 60's, he is not lonely, he has a circle of friends, and he can chose when he wants to see any of them. If you have a woman, you are stuck with her, unless of course you have already been ruined.

Update 3:

This man in their 60's has been independently successful. Hey, think about it? What is the success rate for those who did the opposite, the ones who threw caution to the wind, the ones who got married and had children. The majority have been ruined, some have even committed suicide, it is really that bad. Time to wise up guys.

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    Yes, they are role models for many men, because they have avoided the marriage trap and don't have to pay for divorces and/or child support. Most people end up divorced, so I think getting married is a bad idea. I have heard the saying "men are like fine wine, they get better with age". Why waste all the goods on one woman when you can have more women and not be burdened by a grouchy wife that takes all your money.

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    I don't know about trailblazer.

    Being in the business world myself "legally covering one's a*ss" is the most critical factor and seeing how deceptively conniving and nasty men and women can be for self gain Ive applied this defensive/prevention mindset into every other area of my life. Reasons why I will never get married or have children. The current marriage and parenthoodhood landscape in my age range(20 to 30) and the next age range(30 to 40) look like a guerilla style battlefield where almost anything goes, and due to feminism, the current anti male family court system, and the current anti male divorce system is not in my best interest, I'm staying a child free bachelor.I'm all about the "bottom line".

    In every decision I make in life I ask myself:

    What are the pros? What are the cons? Do the pros or the con's vastly outnumber the other?

    All the sugar coated talk, I'm not trying to hear it. Its not gonna work on me.

    What's in it for me? That's all I need to figure out.

    Source(s): MGTOW
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  • 3 years ago

    If it works for him, then of course he is free to do whatever he wants. But he is definitely not a role model for me. Even though I too was disappointed in most of the women I've dated I still have hope that one day I would have a successful marriage. I would prefer my life that way.

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  • 3 years ago

    Look I have my own money I have my own job my own investments and stocks and savings

    I can provide and support myself i don't want anything from a man

    Other than his heart and his love and his strict devotion and loyalty to me

    And to have someone to love and care for and to hold at night other than my body pillow

    Someone I can lean on

    I understand not every girl out there is marriage or relationship material to men a lot of men out there these days are not marriage or relationship material for women themselves but showing and teaching other men not to love not to be loving to turn away from love from the opposite sex to live only a life filled with lust bitterness sadness and casual sex distrust of the opposite sex because of some negative generalization or fear of the opposite sex is not a good role model for young men or society

    Not all girls want to screw men over use them and hurt them give us good girls at least a chance ^_~

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    Can you name some one other than your friend who actually contributed in some way? He just sounds like a selfish person like you - nothing to admire in that - a person who hordes everything for themselves - has no real human connections with people and calls women ugly b'tches - is NOT admirable. I bet he dies lonely - with few at his funeral and no one to inherit - who cares about the money then?

    Most men who leave relationships are not as financially ruined as you think - in fact - it's the women who tend to be more financially ruined.

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  • yes

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