What would you name this family using these really old names?

Surname: Stockard, Marshall, Nimrod, Mortiz

Grandma: Doris, Gladys, Lois, Phyllis, Maxine

Grandpa: Alvin, Ernest, Stanley, Lloyd, Frederick

Mom: Anna, Irene, Marian, Mildred, Helen

Dad: Theodore, Roy, Clyde, Martin, Chester

Son: Clarence, Everett, Leroy, Walter, Vincent

Daughter: Ida, Genevieve, Marjorie, Alma, Vera

Son: Edward, Leon, Lewis, Arthur, William

Daughter (triplet): Gretchen, Dorothy, Sylvia, Florence, Leona

Daughter (triplet): Edith, Heidi, Minnie, Mabel, Evelyn

Daughter (triplet): Beatrice, Jean, Sandra, Ruby, Viola

Son: Andrew, Henry, Hans, Jack, Franklin

Daughter: Stella, Lucy, Julia, Hazel, Marguerite

Daughter (twin): Mae, Pearl, Lillian, Esther, Clarice

Son (twin): Benjamin, Samuel, Donald, Harry, Raymond



Maxine Lois Stockard "Max" + Stanley Lloyd Stockard

* Anna Helen Stockard

* Chester Roy Stockard "Chet"

* Vincent Everett Stockard "Vin"

* Genevieve Vera Stockard

* William Leon Stockard "Liam"

* Leona Gretchen Stockard "Lea"

* Mabel Edith Stockard

* Ruby Jean Stockard

* Andrew Henry Stockard "Drew"

* Stella Lucy Stockard

* Lillian Clarice Stockard "Lily"

* Benjamin Samuel Stockard "Benny"

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  • 4 years ago
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    I would name them:

    • Lois Maxine Marshall (neé Nimrod)

    • Lloyd Frederick Marshall

    • Anna Mildred Marshall (neé Stockard)

    • Theodore Martin Marshall — Theo

    • Clarence Everett Marshall — Ren

    • Vera Genevieve Marshall

    • William Edward Marshall — Will

    • Sylvia Florence Marshall — Sylvie

    • Heidi Mabel Marshall

    • Viola Ruby Marshall

    • Andrew Henry Marshall

    • Stella Hazel Marshall

    • Lillian Mae Marshall — Lily

    • Samuel Benjamin Marshall — Sam

    — Rose ♥

  • Amy
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    4 years ago

    Surname: Marshall

    Gladys Maxine

    Ernest Lloyd

    Anna Mildred

    Theodore Clyde

    Everett Leroy

    Alma Genevieve

    Arthur Lewis

    Leona Florence

    Heidi Evelyn

    Ruby Jean

    Jack Andrew

    Lucy Stella

    Pearl Mae

    Harry Raymond

  • Lia
    Lv 5
    4 years ago

    Maxine Doris Stockard

    Stanley Lloyd Stockard

    Marian Anna Stockard

    Roy Clyde Stockard

    Vincent Leroy Stockard

    Vera Genevieve Stockard

    William Lewis Stockard

    Sylvia Florence Stockard

    Evelyn Heidi Stockard

    Ruby Beatrice Stockard

    Jack Henry Stockard

    Stella Hazel Stockard

    Lillian Mae Stockard

    Benjamin Samuel Stockard

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Gladys Maxine Stockard

    Stanley Lloyd Stockard

    Anna Helen Stockard (nee Marshall)

    Theodore Clyde Stockard

    Walter Vincent Stockard

    Vera Genevieve Stockard

    Leon Arthur Stockard

    Dorothy Florence Stockard

    Evelyn Edith Stockard

    Ruby Jean Stockard

    Jack Henry Stockard

    Lucy Stella Stockard

    Esther Mae Stockard

    Benjamin Harry Stockard

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  • 4 years ago


    Phyllis Maxine Ninrod

    Alvin Ernest Marshall


    Anna Irene Marshall

    Theodore Clyde Moritz

    Clarence Leroy Moritz

    Ida Alma Moritz

    Leon Arthur Morit

    Sylvia Leona & Minnie Mabel & Ruby Jean Moritz

    Andrew Henry Moritz

    Stella Marguerite Moritz

    Pearl Mae & Benjamin Raymond Moritz

  • 4 years ago

    Surname: Stockard

    Grandma: Maxine Lois

    Grandpa: Ernest Stanley

    Mom: Anna Marian

    Dad: Theodore Clyde

    Son: Vincent Everett

    Daughter: Vera Genevieve

    Son: William Lewis

    Daughter (triplet): Leona Florence

    Daughter (triplet): Evelyn Mabel

    Daughter (triplet): Beatrice Viola

    Son: Andrew Hans

    Daughter: Hazel Julia

    Daughter (twin): Lillian Mae

    Son (twin): Raymond Samuel

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The Stockard Family.

    Grandmother: Lois Maxine Stockard.

    Grandfather: Stanley Ernest Stockard.

    Mother: Anna Marian Stockard.

    Father: Martin Theordore Stockard.

    Son: Vincent Walter Stockard.

    Daughter: Marjorie Genevieve Stockard.

    Son #2: William Edward Stockard.

    Daughter #2: Leona Florence Stockard.

    Daughter #3: Heidi Evelyn Stockard. ♡

    Daughter #4: Ruby Beatrice Stockard.

    Son #3: Jack Franklin Stockard.

    Daughter #5: Hazel Marguerite Stockard. ♡

    Daughter #6: Esther Clarice Stockard.

    Son #4: Raymond Samuel Stockard.

  • 4 years ago

    Maxine Doris Mortiz

    Ernest Lloyd Mortiz

    Helen Anna Nimrod-Mortiz

    Theodore Clyde Mortiz

    Vincent Clarence Mortiz

    Ida Vera Mortiz

    Leon William Mortiz

    Sylvia Florence Mortiz

    Minnie Evelyn Moritz

    Viola Jean Mortiz

    Hans Andrew Mortiz

    Stella Hazel Mortiz

    Esther Lillian Mortiz

    Raymond Harry Mortiz

  • Amy
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    4 years ago

    Grandma: Lois Maxine Marshall

    Grandpa: Stanley Frederick Marshall

    Mom: Anna Marian Marshall

    Dad: Martin Clyde Marshall

    Son: Vincent Clarence Marshall

    Daughter: Genevieve Vera Marshall

    Son: William Edward Marshall

    Daughter (triplet): Sylvia Florence Marshall

    Daughter (triplet): Evelyn Heidi Marshall

    Daughter (triplet): Ruby Jean Marshall

    Son: Andrew Jack Marshall

    Daughter: Lucy Hazel Marshall

    Daughter (twin): Lillian Esther Marshall

    Son (twin): Samuel Benjamin Marshall

  • Paula
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    4 years ago

    Maxine Lois Stockard (nee Mortiz)

    Frederick Stanley Stockard

    Marian Anna Stockard (nee Marshall)

    Theodore Martin Stockard

    Walter Vincent Stockard

    Vera Genevieve Stockard

    Arthur William Stockard

    *Dorothy Leona Stockard

    *Mabel Edith Stockard

    *Beatrice Ruby Stockard

    Henry Jack Stockard

    Stella Hazel Stockard

    **Pearl Mae Stockard

    **Raymond Benjamin Stockard

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