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How does domestic economy and international trade affect strength of the economy?

Working on a final. I need to assess the economy in quest to purchase a home. How does domestic economy and international trade factor in?

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    I have been involved with international trade for over 16 years and study world economics as a hobby so please allow me to share some insight:

    The U.S. dollar, still the benchmark for world currency, has been declining in value the past several years. A detriment to U.S. consumers and U.S. companies that import products, the weakening dollar benefits some players in the global marketplace.

    Current economic factors that may be signaling recessionary conditions in the U.S. economy and could undermine confidence of U.S. dollar-based assets include the downturn in housing, turbulence in the equity markets and job woes. Additional interest rate cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve could further erode the return of investors as lower interest rates may produce additional inflationary pressures, lowering the dollar’s value. Also, continued budget and trade deficits tend to weaken the U.S. dollar.

    The weak dollar is encouraging foreign manufacturers to set up factories in the U.S., bringing jobs and other economic benefits.

    The U.S. has the biggest impact on the global economy and its monetary unit value, and fluctuation has the greatest effect relative to other currencies. The value affects company profits, budgeting and manufacturing costs. It has ramifications on capital investment, plant openings and closings. For example, some companies that have outsourced customer service and call centers to India have returned these centers to the U.S., since the weak dollar has eroded the cost benefits of operating overseas.

    As you can see, International trade is detrimental to our domestic economy as it decreases the power of the dollar which in turn affects your ability to afford things at reasonable prices.

    When factoring all this in to your dream of owning a home, Im sure you can see that asset purchases like a home can become out of reach for many.

    The solution is for Americans to start consuming less and producing or rather innovating more.

    Instead of spending $500 billion on developing an apocalyptic defense systems, money should be spend on providing access to education so we can 'create' value that others will have to depend on for sustenance thus creating jobs, strong industry, and a strong dollar.

    Im sure you've been told what your grandfathers quarter could buy at the time...something to think about.

    Good luck on your paper!

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