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Is expensive cat food REALLY worth it?

I was recently thinking of going raw, but then I realized that ALL CAT FOODS BY LAW ARE HEALTHY! They are completely balanced. Just because they have gluten and stuff doesn't mean it's bad-pet food people work really hard to make sure our cats are healthy. They can't and won't make an unhealthy cat food! I mean, they love animals because they work in the industry.

My cat lived 23 years old on Friskies and Meow Mix. She lived to be older than I am now!

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    All cat food by law meet minimum nutrition standards. That does not mean that they are healthy. Yes, the can make unhealthy cat foods and do. The big conglomerates like Proctor and Gamble make cat food to make a profit - they don't give a hoot about the health of your cats.

    Most grocery store cat foods are made of scraps and fillers that can be cheaply purchased. Then they are put in cute bags, cleverly advertised, and sold to people like you - the uninformed consumer.

    Let's look at what is in that cute box of Meow Mix that "cats ask for by name":

    Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, Beef Tallow Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols (Source of Vitamin E), Turkey By-Product Meal, Salmon Meal, Oceanfish Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast, Phosphoric Acid, Animal Digest,

    Ground yellow corn - Nature created cats to eat MEAT. They have no use for grains in their diet. Corn is cheap! That's why it's in cat food.

    By-products - this is not meat. It's all the scrap parts left over from the slaughterhouse industy, and would have been hauled off to the landfill. It's such tasty parts as beaks, hides, tendons, intestines, spleens, diseased and spoiled meat, tumors, the scrapings off the slaughterhouse floor. It's all been declared unfit for human consumption. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Low quality protein for our cats.

    Animal digest - this is the contents of the stomach and intestines, and included feces. Yep, cow and pig poop.

    So this is what you've been feeding your cat. And they love animals, huh? Is this what you think is healty for you to feed your cat? There isn't any real MEAT in the entire package of Meow Mix!

    Read the ingredients now of Wellness:

    Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Rice, Ground Barley, Ground Rice

    Notice there is actual meat in there - no by products and no corn.

    Would you yourself eat all the garbage that is in the Meow Mix? Then why would you feed it to your cat? Pet food companies are greatful for people like you who don't read the ingredients of what they put in their foods.

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    I feed a raw diet and I actually spend less to feed my pets each month than most people who feed cheap, corn filled, grocery store crap. No, not all pet foods are healthy just because they are forced to meet a minimum nutritional requirement. 99% of pet food companies make their food from slaughterhouse waste. That's the stuff they shovel off the floor, and even "premium" brands like Blue Buffalo use meat like that in their foods. Many also use meat that's from dead, dying or diseased (even tumors are thrown in, gross) livestock, and I've heard rumors of euthanized shelter animals being used in pet food, some thrown in the mix still wearing flea collars. Kibble doesn't contain near enough meat for a cat, and has way too many carbs. A cat can live on it, but not truly thrive, and they will always be dehydrated. Some expensive brands are worth it, many are not, but even just decent canned food is healthier than premium kibble, & raw is healthiest of all & is cheaper than premium canned.

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    That's like saying all foods sold for humans are healthy. Pet food companies, by and large, are concerned with PROFIT, not the welfare of your pet. Regulations on the pet food industry are not very stringent and not very well enforced. Meeting minimum nutritional standards doesn't mean the food is healthy or optimal. Yes, quality cat food is worth the money. Cats are designed to eat meat, and will do best on diets that are primarily meat.

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  • Ken S
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    4 years ago

    That is so untrue it is ridiculous. There is no laws governing the quality of cat food only guidelines. Just cause your cat lived till 23 on friskies and meow mix and just cause a smoker and drinker that only eats fried foods lives to 106 doesn't mean what they are eating is healthy. It is when you look at 10,000 cats or 10,000 people that do the same thing when more so for cats as they are obligate carnivores so lets start here.


    Learn about feline nutrition here

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  • 4 years ago

    LOL! What planet are you living on? There's no law that states that pet foods have to be made with healthy ingredients. Are you really this stupid?

    YES there's a huge difference between a quality food made with real meat and grain free and the shitty Meow Mix or whatever else it is you're feeding. Those foods are made with NO real meat and mostly of corn. Cats are obligate carnivores and NEED meat.

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