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Is Dream Theater a Progressive Rock or Progressive Metal band?

I have emerged into the Progressive Rock/Metal world for the creativity each harmony transmits and the lesson learned with every song. One of my favourite bands is Dream Theater, and although their biography state them as a Progressive Metal band it can't be compared with the kind of sound of Adagio, Cirscus Maximus, Symphony X for these are undoubtfully metal bands. Being Dream Theater so much lighter, is it still considered Progressive Metal (from Falling Into Infinity till Black Cloud And Silver Linings) or is it Progressive Rock?



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    When it comes to music like this, I tend to lose the rock, metal, jazz, etc. portion of the label and just call it progressive. This is for the sheer fact that you can hear just about as many classical, ambient, acoustic, electronic, jazz, Latin, etc. elements as you would metal or rock; those are just other flavors in their melting pot.

    If you're just coming into progressive music, here are a few of my favorite bands that you may enjoy also:

    Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson





    Animals as Leaders


    Between the Buried and Me

    The Contortionist


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  • 3 years ago

    Dream Theater is a metal band. These days, it's easy for folks to forget that not all metal is aggressive or hard, and earlier prog-metal bands like Dream Theater and Queensryche were much more melodic

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Progressive Metal... cuz almost every progressive rock band sounds like they're ripping off Rush (who themselves were kind of ripping off Budgie)

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