I'm trying to do my research so if anyone can please give me links to websites, ideas of or known conspiracies, and just information in general. I want to learn all about it and have no idea where to start. As an expample, I've already heard of things like pizzagate, theories against NASA, rappers, and obviously the president! Im looking to find out about into new things but also get into all the things I've listed! Thanks for your help.

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    Anything about a supposed present-time illuminati is urban myth and fiction.

    The real, original Illuminati (late 1700s) were a group of people who opposed the Church controlling society - they wanted secular law, with reason-based rule rather than biblical law.

    At the time, opposing the Church was pretty much an automatic death sentence, hence the secrecy.

    The modern use of the word mainly originates from the Dan Brown book "Angels & Demons" (& movie made of it)

    The conspiracy nuts went crazy with that and it spread everywhere, as well as being picked up by other authors and used in other novels & games etc.

    Note that the actual illuminati were anti-religion, not trying to control the world or finances etc.

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      The Illuminati were a not-very secret society set up as an alternative to Free-Masonry - the Woodcraft Folk to the Free Masons' Scouts. They demonstrated their enlightened credentials by refusing membership to women and Jews. The were well-known before Dan Brown wrote about them.

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    Religious people are usually interested in conspiracy theories as well as superstitious has to do with gullibility..If you are dumb enough to believe that there's someone living in the sky you're dumb enough to believe anything.

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      You're usually drunk.

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