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My parents are too over protective. How do I stop it?

My parents are so over protective and it is driving me insane. I am not allowed to go anywhere. I have no friends, when I had friends when I was younger my mom would embarrass me and herself in front of everyone. Whenever I walk my dog she tells me not to go to the park in our neighborhood because it's "dangerous" (we live in a safe upper middle class neighborhood???). Some guys from school invited me to go to see the tree in new York, but my mom said I could only go if she and my dad went. I wanted to go to college at UCSD but they refused to pay for my application (I have no money for college apps) because they want me to live at home, go to Middlesex county college and transfer to rutgers. The deadline passed and I'm just so upset. The won't even let me have a bank account or a savings account until I turn 18. What do I do? I feel like a slave in my own house. I'm just so sad

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    wonder what cps would say if you told them your parents kept you a prisoner in your own home

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