Why does married colleague keep flirting with me?

A married colleague at work has me totally confused. There is a mutual attraction between us which will never go any further because he is married and is also more senior than me. I believe he does have morals and principles so I trust that he won't take advantage of the situation.

But, he flirts with me a lot. He will stop it at times but then continues. I have NEVER flirted back and really haven't done much wrong but it is obvious that I like him.

*He has told me that he would want to date me if he were younger and single

*Has called me beautiful a few times (was told once that he missed the most beautiful girl in the corporation), and said recently 'hey good looking' which he almost whispered so no-one else could hear

*He stares at me when he is on his mobile phone talking

*And plenty of other things too

This has been going on for almost a year! He knows it can't go anywhere so why does he do it?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    I think you are a wonderful girl,and I am glad you never let him exploit you. Such married men usely look for a mistress or I would say a victim they will get intem and then make all sort of promises that they will soon tell there wife and end the bad marriage. As they often tell they are in a bad or unhappy marriage and would give a reason for why they are still in a marriage it could be because of children etc. The reason they trap nice and innocent girls like you is basically to "survive" there bad or boring marriage.They don't have the guts to leave there wife and wont leave her,he is just trying to drag you into this tangle. If he was such a good man with principals he would not made his moves on you.Or if he is just flirting it could be he likes to hear something back to feed his male ego, and to know he still desirable for single girls... Simply just don't give him too much of attention because he can become an head dick you better stay away from this dude and find someone that would love and res pact you and be yours exclusively.Please never ever let this guy utilize you,wish you all the best!

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