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how far is orange county Cali from Los Angeles Cali?

my flight lands in orange county and i have to drive to Los Angeles California about how many miles is it that i will have to drive

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    The appraisal district's job is to appraise properties as high as they can to generate as much tax revenue as possible.

    Depending on when you bought the house (whether the market was up or down) it may have been appraised at a much higher rate than what you paid for it. Fill in the Contract Sale Price--the price YOU PAID--and send it in; otherwise, it's possible you'll be paying taxes for an amount higher than your purchase price.

    Also, check your tax statement when you get it, because they may have gone ahead and appraised it at the higher price. YOU CAN FIGHT THE HIGHER APPRAISAL, and usually you can win. You may be able to access the tax history of your home on line at the Harris County appraisal district's website.

    After we bought our house, the appraisal district (Dallas) increased our appraisal amount and I went down to talk to them. I really wanted them to appraise it lower than what we paid (so we'd pay less in taxes) but they at least lowered it to our purchase price. (The least they'll usually appraise it for is your purchase price.) It has gone up a little every year, but I always go down and fight it, and they at least lower it a little.

    Since the market has taken a HUGE "hit" in the last 6 months or so, I'm HOPING that they'll lower it from last years' rate. Last year all they would do was keep it at the previous years appraisal, but the market hadn't dropped so far back then. I'm also hoping to get a copy of the sale contract on a house down the street which is identical to mine which sold last year for less than ours is valued.

    Below is an article that ran in the Dallas Morning News about fighting property appraisals. This is from Jan. 13th, and there's another from Jan. 14th. If it's the same one I saved (but can't find right now--SORRY!) it has detailed steps on how to fight the district.

    The bottom line is, fill out the questionnaire with ALL the information you have, and if they raise your appraisal, fight it! The worst that can happen is they'll tell you they can't lower it; but the BEST than can happen is they'll lower the appraisal and you can save a little money!


    I don't know where farina got the idea that the purchase price of a property is confidential in Texas, but it's all a matter of public record. If you put a "purchase price" on the questionnaire that is lower than your actual purchase price you'll be wasting your time AND the appraisal districts! And they might not appreciate that very much. They get the paperwork on every property that is bought and sold, so they already KNOW what you paid for your house. Your best bet is to give accurate information, and if they try to appraise it at more than your purchase price, you can get them to at least lower it to the actual purchase price. (I've lived in Texas for over 47 years, and Dallas Central Appraisal district--DCAD--is a site I peruse regularly.)

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    Los Angeles County and Orange County are right next to each other. Get a map out and look

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    I could answer this, IF ONLY you had said WHERE in Los Angeles you needed to go. And WHEN you land is important as WHERE you land.

    Orange County/John Wayne/SNA is about 40 miles from downtown LA. It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to get there, depending on traffic. If you land at 9PM, it's going to be much easier than if you land at 7AM. And if you need to go to the west side of LA, add another 12 miles and 1 hour trip time.

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    From County line to County line it is a minute or two. LOL! It would depend upon where you are in L.A.. If your flight is Santa Ana (John Wayne Airport) you are sort of in the middle. There are a number of airports, so you need to clarify. Best to get a map of the area from Auto Club.

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    Google Maps

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    Google Maps.

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    Depending on which airport in OC and where in LA you are going it's about 40-50 miles and will take about 90 minutes to 2 hrs depending on traffic

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    about an hour, depending on where in LA and where in OC

    and traffic too.

    Roughly 30-40 miles

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