Question for Eastern Europeans: Just exactly how racist are your countries (especially poland and ukraine)?

Poland and Ukraine are hosting

the "Euro 2012 Championships" and there is currently

mass hysteria in western europe pointing out how racist

and backwards specifically Poland and Ukraine actually are.

Football Hooliganism it would appear is where the majority of racism

in these countries stems from. Racist chants aimed at Jews, verbally

abusing black players, attacking different ethnic groups like savages

all in the process may add whilst the Police do Absolutely nothing about it.

So my question is, why are your countries so backwards and racist? is it

because you lack the education what it is it?

Also, why are these minorities so supportive of Hitler and the Nazis

when Hitler despised these people and had many of them killed.

He thought Eastern European slavs were inferior so what is with the inferiority complex?

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    3 years ago
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    You want an intelligent answer, not "smart a s s" answers, yet you have already answered (and maybe revealed) yourself:

    quote: "why are your countries so backwards and racist?". So, shall I give you an answer from a backward and racist country?

    quote: "invaded and raped numerous times by multi different Asian civilizations". So, would you accept an answer from a semi-Asian Eastern European of suspicious provenience, or are you too proud, being a civilized Western European without any trace of Asian blood?

    If you have read up to this point, you must be more intelligent than you first appeared. So, I'll treat you accordingly (not as a troll I mean).

    First, this thing IS blown out of proportion. For the media, a single racist incident is a story that can be exploited and repeated all over again. Do you know what the Polish media say about Britain? Mostly about attacks on Polish people and how racist and anti-Polish British people are. Holland? Recently someone burned a house where Polish workers lived, thanks to Wilders (who is the most known Dutch person in Poland, mind you, the leader of a small nationalistic party who established an anti-Polish website). Norway? Breivik.

    If I was thinking along the lines reporters would like me to think, I should paraphrase your question and say, "What's wrong with YOU, Western Europe???"

    Football hooligans constitute about 0.0001% of the population. In principle, they come from poor undereducated families, without any prospects, but definitely no lack of free time. They have a special way of thinking. The other day I had a chance to listen to about an hour of their conversation. Main topics covered: Alcohol. Fight (I beat them). Girls. Fight (they beat me). Alcohol (I got soooo f* hammered). Working out (so they could fight). Fight (they beat my mate so he landed in hospital). Funny, for an hour nothing anti-semitic, anti-gay or anything.

    I'm not saying they're not anti-semitic, they are also anti-gay, anti-Asian, anti-fat, anti-people-in-glasses, anti-freeze or whatever. They get together, they want a fight. It doesn't really matter who, but the preference is 1. Hostile football club fans. 2. Anybody different. 3. Anybody.

    Also, I don't expect too many to cause trouble during the Euro. Football hooligans don't go to international matches, they choose clubs. Not to mention it wasn't so easy to get a ticket if you're known to be a hooligan.

    Polish antisemitism - this is really rubbish. You could say there was much stronger antisemitism in Poland before WW2, and yet, how many Polish people risked their lives to help Jews.Nowadays, yes, yes, you can see "antisemitic" slogans on the walls (like things containing the Star of David). The thing is it's not really anti-semitic, it's anti-hostile-club. These taggers don't even know the meaning of these symbols. Besides, there are nations which are less liked in Poland (also by football hooligans). But I'm not gonna say which.

    Hitler. Yes, there are some who say Hitler wasn't so bad and in fact our alliance with Britain and France was a grave mistake (as they betrayed us and sold us out to the Soviet Union). Do your history, outside the classroom. Hitler despised Slavs but on the other hand wanted to use them as faithful cannon fodder (which partially worked e.g. in Ukraine). He was quite clever in these tactics, and all the crap sounds alluring for the weak-minded, football hooligans included.

    "Police do Absolutely nothing about it". Detaining them, house arrest bracelets, monitoring, not enough? Should they shoot them on the spot? Maybe...

    I do not address those funny pseudo-scientific theories how people in Poland are intolerant because of the "purity" of their race or whatever. Crappy facts to support a lie.

    Poland is NOT intolerant. Who chose two black people, a transsexual and a few gay people to be MPs? In a society that is not really multi-cultural? Intolerant people?

    BBC used to be reliable. Now, it's a tabloid.

    If you follow the media, don't go anywhere. English people shouldn't go to Scotland, Scots will cut their throats for hundreds years of occupation. Nor to Egypt, they're all Muslim terrorists. Germany? All Nazis waiting to get revenge for WW2. France? They're known for hating the English.

    If you have a mind of your own, come to Poland and enjoy your trip.

    BTW. Been to Ukraine. Never met anybody racist.

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