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what is the song for epic meal time?

I would like to create a parody of epic meal time but I don't know the background music they use.

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    The expiration date on cereal is only good as long as the box remains unopened. Once you open the cereal and expose it to air, the clock starts to tick.

    Cereal will keep longer in an airtight container (like Rubbermaid, Tupperware, Mason jar etc) but a lot depends on how much sugar, oil and preservatives your cereal contains, so how long it will last once opened depends on the type of cereal.

    Best thing to do is smell it... taste it... and if it smells and tastes fine, it's fine to eat.

    When oil in cereal goes rancid, the smell and flavor are WAY off and if it's a cereal with raisins or other moist products it may be less crispy than it should be and taste stale.

    Something like Froot Loops is so sugar coated it will keep nearly forever - lol Ditto for Rice Krispies because it's so basic and simple and already dried/crisped completely :)

    Where I live Malt O Meal makes bagged cereals that are more popular than the dry cooked cereal you're talking about, so I immediately pictured that - lol They make an knock off of every popular cereal on the market! If you're talking about the dried stuff you make into a hot cereal, shoot, yeah, that stuff is fine if it's been in a container for seven months...

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    Video CoPilot Pro Scores.

    I included the Youtube Vid.

    Hope that helps :)

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