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Could the flu be making my knee pain worse? My knees feel hot and stiff.?

I have bad knees but i have never had these symptoms before. I am 30 and I take joint pills daily. They work wonders but not since I got sick 2 weeks ago. Now I have pain, stiffness and they feel hot. The more I stand and walk the worse they are now. I tried ice packs which help, but only until I stand up. I think I had some sort of flu since I was tired and achy. Did it irritate my knees? The bug was only a day or two but the knee pain had been for a few weeks, long will it last? Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I have had a sinus infection for 3 months. Already went to doc and had antibiotics which didn't work. Feeling tired with sinus headaches ever since.

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    Flu could contribute to joints and general bone pain due to interferon release. Flu, being caused by a virus, stimulates human immunity system to secrete interferons to help protecting healthy cells from being infected by the virus. One of the most common side effects of interferons is bone-ache.

    Though that viral infection is self limited, and should be relieved in less than a week. Longer than that, we can not blame interferons.. Any other persistent symptoms would be due to secondary bacterial infection.

    And talking about your sinuses, you will have to see the doctor again. If it turned out to be some kind of sinusitis, you might be subscribed some corticosteroid nasal spray and decongestant pills along with antibiotics

    Wish you`ll be just fine

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