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What is Sarah Palin famous for?

I hear everybody talking about Sarah Palin. I have also read that she throws tantrums very well.

I went through Wikipedia, but it was boring. Who is Sarah Palin and what makes her in the breaking news?

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    Sarah Palin is an attractive woman who was Miss Alaska when she was very young. She is a good public speaker and she also attended several colleges and graduated. She became the mayor of Wassila, Alaska and then she became Governor of Alaska.

    At some point in 2008, some big wigs in the Republican party noticed her and began to think she would make a good running mate for John McCain. John McCain was not impressed with Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, so he decided to be daring and choose the photogenic Sara Palin.

    Sara is a conservative candidate who courted the Tea Party and had very conservative views like they do on on abortion and taxes. Before the time she decided to run, she found out her teenage daughter was pregnant, and since the daughter was not married, this caused a stir. Sarah decided to run even though she knew her daughter would be thrown in the spotlight.

    Many eastern Republicans were appalled that McCain would choose an inexperienced woman who was virtually unknown outside of the state of Alaska, but McCain went for the good looks and cutesy speaking style, anyway. The rest is recorded in history. Sara went campaigning around the states and picked up a lot of fans, but she did a poor job when interviewed, especially when interviewed by Katie Couric. Sarah came across as an illiterate airhead.

    McCain and Palin lost the election. Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska because she saw tht she could make more money selling books and giiving speeches. She even came to a town about 10 miles from here. She continues to be a Tea Party sweetheart and she seems to be wondering whether she should be running for President or not. She has lost some support because another female, Michele Bachmann, is also running this time out. Bachmann is also a Tea Party sweetheart.

    Sarah Palin has followed around in buses and motorcycles the candidates for the Republican Party this year , but she will enter much too late if she DOES decide to be a Republican candidate for President of the U.S. She has not been taken that seriously this time out.

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    She is a literate conservative woman with a vagina and boobs. That is all. Before Mccain picked her up she was governor of a low-pop state for under a year and mayor of a town smaller than most high schools.

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    Politically? Not much. But she's better to look at than this!

    Source(s): Hillary does boom boom in her diaper
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    she was a governor, ran for Vice President

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    A female comedian that did a good gob at impersonating her.

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