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Where can I park to go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC?

I need somewhere close to the Holocaut Museum in Washington, DC to park. I will need to park all day. Anyway free/cheap near the Museum to park for a long time (ex: 12-8)

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    There is no place cheap to park, especially in that area, and I agree with the respondent who suggests you park your car at metro, and take the subway in to Smithsonian Metro station. When you get to Smithsonian station leave via the Independence Avenue Exit, not the Mall, and you will be only a couple blocks from the museum.

    Bob gave you the suggestions from the Holocaust Memorial Web Site; depending on your luck and how far you are willing to walk, you can also check out the waterfront area, which has a significant amount of parking (most not free). There is parking on the mall, but for as long as you need.

    Another option, if you MUST be downtown, is Union Station. They have a big, convenient parking lot, but the walk across the mall to the museum is about a mile long.

  • Why on earth do you want to drive to the museum if you're going to leave the car all day . Freaking take Metro; the Smithsonian station (on the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines) is maybe two blocks away. Parking is pretty hard to come by in DC, especially around the National Mall area.

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    Over by the Jefferson Memorial is a free parking area.

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    Drive around back

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