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How does a tour of duty in the US Army work?

What I mean is how long can a tour of duty last? And also, when your rotation is completed do you go home for a while, or stay where your tour is and relax? Sorry for the dumb questions but never having served and having a son who wants to join but refuses to ask these questions to his recruiter, I had to ask somewhere, lol. I didnt want to bother the local recruiters with this. Thank you for any help!

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    3 years ago
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    A tour of duty to combat means you can be deployed 6,12,15 months wherever your orders state. If you are talking about noncombat duty, then you can go to Germany, Korea or any other country that our Army has a post. Germany tours are 2-3 years. Korea is 1-2 years hardship tour. We do not have Army post in the Philippines. The Navy has a port in the Philippines. The Marines have Korea and Japan. Where i was stationed at Okinawa Japan for 1yr tour. You know if you call a Recruiter, its a good chance you might get a busy signal or them saying we will call you back. The Military is doing really good on Recruiting right now. They are doing so well, certain jobs are not available for new recruits. Ive served for the past 21yrs and never heard of Infantry not being available. If any job was available, Infantry was always there. They being said Prior Service is full that means if you got out and want to return, there is a waiting line now... If you are thinking of joining, let me know and i can send you a few links to help you prepare for ASVAB test and what jobs you can qualify with your scores. Good luck to you..

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  • 3 years ago

    you never go home, unless its on vacation

    it is where your stationed-- and the length can vary depending on where your at

    at a stateside army base-- it can last the entire time your in the army at max, overseas, varies by location to 12 months in korea, to 3 years in germany

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