Does uTorrent require internet access?

I have two computers, and only one has internet access. Unfortunately, it also has a lot of used disk space. I was wondering if I can just put uTorrent on my memory stick and transfer it to my other computer. Do I need internet access to actually use it? Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    Most of the time means that there are times when the ship cannot allow outgoing transmissions. There are times when the bandwidth has to be used for work and not your browsing of videos on Youtube.

    I am stationed on an Aircraft Carrier. I have internet access, nearly all the time. During the work day, from 6am - 11am, the bandwidth is set aside for work related web sites only. From 11am - 1pm we get free access, and from 1pm - 3pm, its work related again.

    When I am out to sea its great. I don't spend money, save for the small items that I buy from the ship's store. So yes, you get to save a lot.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Yes, you do need internet access. But i advise you not to waste your time on uTorrent. When you download movies and stuff it does not work. It will ask you to get a password from a website and when you go to that website it will ask you to answer a survey before they give you a password. Ultimately, you will never give you one. I tried it for thee longest time. it just isnt worth it.

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