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American Horror Story?

Are you watching American Horror Story?

What do you think is the best and what is the worst season of American Horror Story?

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    My rankings of every season:

    1. Asylum: Asylum is in my mind the best season. The storylines were fantastic and were the best 13 hours of my life. The villains were well conceived and the heroes are beautifully written. There are still a few flaws (Grace, just Grace) but it's just the closest AHS has ever come to perfection. In the end, it's well defined as Lana's story.

    2. Murder House: The first season of American Horror Story was the setup of everything else, the test run. And they tested the hell out of this show. Almost every character you see, whether main or just a patient, had something about them that just clicked with you. I would love to see the Ramoses come back in a future season because, well, they were the only people alive from that season other than Michael and Constance (as Marcy died in season 7). The only things I didn't like about this season was some of the ways it was filmed. Then again, it was only a test run.

    3. Roanoke: Roanoke had so much potential until they just murdered the hell out of the cast. No one in this season survived and it wasn't fun. They should have at least had 12 episodes, so they could bring in some great plot lines but they never really did that and it ended up a bloody mess.

    4. Coven: Coven took place in New Orleans with style and was so good, until The Axeman. After the Axeman, the whole season just went downhill. The finale was somewhat rushed and I feel like it should've been cut into two episodes (one that went until Zoe got impaled and the other that started right after that). The only thing holding it at number four is it's soundtrack and it's style (Myrtle yelling balenciaga as she died stole the show).

    5. Hotel: Hotel was no doubt a mess. However, it's touching Liz Taylor moments and it's soundtrack keep it at number 5. Lady Gaga's acting was STALE though. Seriously, it was bad.

    6. Freak Show: Everything about this season just stank. There were some great moments with Naomi Grossman's Pepper, especially the episode Orphans, and a fun part with Edward Mordrake (played by Wes Bentley) but everything just felt so rushed. Especially the killer finale, you know when everyone got killed off in 2 minutes. Yeah, that finale.

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    Asylum was the best season, they packed the action, and gave great resolution.

    For worst I have a split decision:

    Freakshow, the show had 2 episodes too many, where they really just 'winged it' with the magical things, and Elsa's conscience catching up with her.

    Roanoke, the show had a great build-up, and then just killed everybody off in the last episodes, I believe the story would've needed 5 more episodes to develop a proper ending, because in-theory it could've been awesome, if Croatoan would've been someone, or Priscilla would've turned out the deciding power, but it all got scrapped when everybody was casually murdered.

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    Haven't seen latest season yet, but I would say Asylum was the best....season 1 was pretty awesome as well.

    The worst to me was Hotel....keep in mind I haven't seen the last season yet which I hear is pretty bad. The story in Hotel was terrible. Honestly you could have taken the vampire thing out entirely and had a good season about all the serial killers. I think the writers are getting too into the flash of it and forgetting about the story.

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    Best: Asylum

    Worst: My Roanoke Nightmare

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    Best season: Season 1

    Worst: Season 5

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    Yeah I do & I enjoyed each season so it's hard to say which is best or best, but I gotta say My Roanoke Nightmare was really enjoyable because it was different from other seasons and it was really intense as well

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    Sometimes AHS can be great, others, not so much. Coven and Roanoke are tied for my favorite. Freak Show is my least favorite.

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    Murder House is my favourite, followed by Asylum.

    Freak Show was all right.

    I have mixed feelings about Roanoke: it was really scary, but some of the deaths were too violent for me (Criket, the two teenagers during the last episode).

    I started Hotel, but I did not like it and I stopped after 3 episodes

    (I have not watched Coven)

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    coven is by far my favorite!! that or murder house.. but least favorite has to be the newest season, roanoke.

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