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suppose a bus travelling from toronto to ottawa at a speed of 88m/hour takes 3 1/4 hours. what is the distance between the two cities?

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    Do you mean 88 mph ?????

    D = 88 x 3¼ miles

    D = 88 x 13 / 4 miles

    D = 22 x 13 miles

    D = 286 miles

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    =88(3 1/4)=(88)(13/4)=22(13)=286 mile

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    I presuming you either mean miles per hour or km per hour. Since what you wrote was meters per hour.

    Either way, the math works out to be the same, it just will change the label at the end of the problem.

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    (88 km/h)*(3.25 h) = 286 km

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