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Is there a Print Screen Setting? My PrtScr button does not work.?

I have a multimedia Keyboard, same as a normal one, but with special buttons to bring up different programs faster. My print screen button does not work, i am not sure if its just the keyboard or another setting i am missing some place. I just want to copy the whole screen, tool bars and all. I have tried just "Prt Scr" I have tried Alt print screen, control print screen, shift print screen. and still I cannot get my whole screen image captured.

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    Not precisely an auto setting, but pretty close. Press the mode button and Turn the command dial until you see the P appear. This is called the program mode, that lets the camera select basic exposure settings, but still lets the user change them to fine tune the shot. This is your best bet when letting someone else use the camera.

    As a separate point... that is one awesome uncle you have. That is a top notch camera, i recommend you really read up on it if you want to take advantage of it's capabilities on your trip.

    Good luck!

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    What OS ?

    Windows 8 , 8.1 & 10 you hold down the windows key and press PrtSc key , a whole screen capture is automatically saved to the screenshots folder in the user picture folder....

    Unlike Vista , Windows 7 that would require you to paste the PrtSc capture saved in clipboard in to an image editor , Paint for example ...

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    Alt Printscreen is a snapshot of the inner window to bitmap.

    Printscreen is everything on your screen to bitmap.

    Its default is to do what you want it to do, but if its not doing it i would say you have special keyboard and there may infact be settings, but as far as a normal keyboard goes im not aware of any settings.

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