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How do I remove construction dust / dirt from interior walls without it smearing on the paint?

I am remodeling my house and it is filled with dust from construction and the cutting of tile. I am about to lay carpet, and I am trying to clean the house to the best of my ability. It seems the dust and dirt is everywhere, including the walls, which were recently painted. What materials / products / procedure would you use to remove the dust and dirt from the walls without it turning into a swirl of dirt smears? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    To be honest you're screwed depending on the paint that is on the walls.

    Tile dust is a really fine dust and if your walls have been painted using a matt base then you're in trouble if a silk base was used you have some hope of just washing it off.

    If you do have a matt on the walls and it has been painted directly onto plaster and not lining paper then in theory you could clean the walls like a window cleaner would clean a window using one of those squeedgy things going from top to bottom.

    You could also use something like a leaf blower before hand to blow as much off the walls as possible after cleaning dust from elsewhere do this with wet floors and a spray mist in the air to catch the dust and carry it to the floor.

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    A vacuum cleaner. There are also cleaning pastes specifically designed for walls.

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    Use a vacuum or an air hose, but an air hose will only displace it not remove it.

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