why do white people claim to be native Americans?

At school their are lot of the white kids claim to be native american and I really don't believe it. They have no resemblance of a native American- pale white skin stringy thin hair and blue eyes but swear their native American. I dont intend to be mean or sound racist but this just happens all the time. One time this girl kept telling me how she was native American and I got annoyed so I told that she held no resemblance to a native American she has very pasty skin and stringy short hair that she complained to me would not grow then she told me- That she did look native American because of here almond eyes but she had very large round eyes.

My grandma told me she was indian and black but I dont tell people that when/if they ask me if im mixed because im not for sure. but my grand mother did have gorgeous long long thick black glossy hair and so did her sisters.

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  • 3 years ago
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    Wow. I wish I had a choice in picking what ethnicity I was born to. Must be nice to only be indian when you get something out of it, and not have to put up with the bull sh*t I put up with on a daily basis.

    The fact that you sincerely believe you can claim ethnic identity with EITHER of these groups simply for work and probably "college" (which, by the way, is a myth, Native Americans do NOT get free college...some of us who speak our tribal languages, get great grades and work really hard in our tribal communities earn the respect of other native americans or native organizations who choose to give us money for our education) exposes that you are without question, a white american. If you are applying at a tribal entity/business, they will know you are a liar in an instant, when they ask you for your tribal I.D. and will NOT hire you.

    You see, it is THESE kinds of attitudes that make white people look soooooooo bad.....only caring about an ethnic group (an oppressed one at that) when they think they might get something out of it. Shame on you.

    Would you seriously want to take from people who are -literally- the most disadvantaged group in the U.S. (don;t believe the stupid rumors about free government checks and tax waivers either, those are quite simply lies) when you offer them nothing in return??

    And there is no such thing as being "part indian". Being indian is a national affiliation, just like being American is a national affiliation. MANY Native Americans are genetically diverse (take me for example, I am half white, half native, my kids are a quarter native, half black, and a quarter white) mixing isn't a problem. Its when people are no longer a part of the tribe that they, and their descendants, lose tribal status and are no longer eligible for citizenship in a tribal nation.

    By the way, I HIGHLY doubt you even have Native American ancestry. VERY HIGHLY doubt. Genetic studies have proven that only 4% of the ENTIRE american population, INCLUDING those who are already -active- members of in-tact, legitimate tribes, have ANY native american ancestry whatsoever. Yet, the VAST majority of Americans -THINK- they have a native american ancestor, yet have ZERO proof, and still want people to just take their familie's word for it.

    Let me guess, your great-great grandma was a cherokee, creek or seminole (oooh, or better yet, blackfoot/blackfeet) princess?? LOL

    Yeah, we (real) natives have heard that before.

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  • 3 years ago

    Well, if they claim to be native American, then ask to see their CDIB or tribal ID. Because the legal definition of a native American is : An enrolled citizen of a federally recognized tribe.

    In other words, if they aren't tribal citizen, then they aren't native American, (not even "part") They just have a story about a Cherokee great-grandma like a million other people.

    btw..."looks" are irrelevant. I've seen fair-skinned, blue-eyed Indians, who were actual tribal citizens, fluent in their native language, and part of their culture and native community. So it doesn't matter what they look like. If they are native American, they will have proof of tribal citizenship. Just ask them.

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