Do guilds in Fairy Tail have the authority to kill criminals?

I always wondered about this. How is it that whenever someone is defeated they never deal the killing blow? Even the VILLAINS fail to finish off the heroes whenever they get their asses handed to them! I can understand it being a choice to spare your enemies, but would their be legal repercussions to killing a bandit or a dark guild member? And how the hell has no one been mortally wounded by Erza? She can literally make it RAIN SWORDS!!!

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  • 4 years ago
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    They have permission from the Magic Council, but they choose not to. They believe that everyone is capable of changing their hearts, so many people in Fairy Tail did used to be evil after all.

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  • Daniel
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    4 years ago

    Nobody can die in Fairy Tail. It is simply not part of the anime's physics.

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  • 4 years ago

    my guess is yes , but fairy tail chooses not to i guess it depends on the guild . the old sabertooth would of , lyon wanted to revive del ora to kill him , i think gildarts killed someone but idr who , and juvia technically killed two people

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