Would anyone be willing to answer a few questions for a paper I need to write?

I need to interview someone living in America who considers them-self to be culturally diverse or a college paper, I had someone to interview, but they backed out at the last second. If anyone would be willing to answer a few questions for me that would be amazing!

1. What country were you born in?

2. How long have you been in this country (US)?

3. What culture do you identify yourself with?

4. How has your culture/background influenced who you are today?

5. Is it important to you that people understand your culture?

6. Is faith/religion important in your life? If so are you a part of a formal belief system?

7. Are there any customs or traditions that are important to your family?

8. In times of need, who do you turn to? (ie. family, friends, religious leaders.)

9. In what ways do you help those close to you?

10. In what ways do others help you?

You don't have to answer them all, go into as much or as little detail as you would like, and if there is anything you would like to add please do! I really appreciate any help I can get.

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  • Alex
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    3 years ago
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    1. Canada

    2. Since the start of kindergarten (like 5 years old). I'm almost done with college now.

    3. American and Spanish (I grew up in the USA because my dad is from here, but my mom is from Spain so we grew up with a lot of Spanish culture)

    4. My Spanish background has influenced who I am today because I know Spanish (from Spain, which is a rarity in the USA), I know and love Spanish foods, I am Catholic as a result of my mom, and we celebrate some holidays like the Spanish (Christmas and New Years, as well as Epiphany), and the rest are like the American way (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.) I am also very into Spain and Spanish culture and things like that (television, the country itself, its history, art, architecture, etc.) And I am also a proud American and love my country of the USA, and I love my state as well, since I grew up here.

    5. It's not important to me that people understand my culture, but it is important to me that people at least know the difference between being Spanish and being Hispanic/Latino. People are so confused and for a few reasons think that Hispanic/Latino people are Spanish and/or that Spanish is a race and/or Spanish people are something other than European, which they're not. So basically I just want everyone to know what "Spanish" means and where Spanish people are actually from. (NEWSFLASH, they're from Europe, just like English or French or Russian or Italian people).

    6. I went to Sunday school as a kid, but never really went to mass. We stopped going to Sunday school (my siblings and I) somewhere towards the end of elementary school, but we'd still go to a couple church events a year. Even that has stopped by now. I still identify as Catholic though and believe in God and pray and things like that, but I don't go to church. My mom tries to go to mass weekly though. So yes, religion is important in my life, but not as important as for other people.

    7. We eat out as a family every Saturday, which I love. That doesn't have anything to do with our cultural backgrounds though lol. Holidays are also important and having a special meal together. In Spanish culture, women don't change their names upon marriage, and children receive a last name from both their mother and their father, so of course we have two last names, which is a big part of our identity. We try to watch a movie or show together at least once a week as well, which doesn't have to do with our cultural background.

    8. God and myself. For less serious things my brother as well, and for occasional big decisions, my parents (and I mean very occasional, like only a few times in my lifetime, decisions like picking a major or college and things like that).

    9. Not sure what you mean here! I'll try to do favors for people in my family, which can be small like helping to wash their dishes or get them a drink or something like that (I still live at home).

    10. I guess the same thing as number 9.

    I'll just add a little more about my background, if you're curious. I was born in Quebec, Canada. My dad is American and my mom is Spanish. So I was born with three citizenships (Canadian, American, and Spanish). As a kid I felt really proud of being Canadian and of being Spanish. I didn't really identify with the USA for whatever reason, but I did love my state of Tennessee. I don't know what really happened, but I am now very proud of being American and living in the greatest country on Earth. I am also very proud of being Spanish, and not so proud of being Canadian, due to so much time I guess. I don't feel Canadian at all because I only lived there for my first five years and have only visited once since then. I also disagree with a lot of policies Canada is going with, which also is distancing me from Canada.

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