Can all spinto tenors sing all of the baritone roles, all of the heldentenor roles, and all of the lyric tenor roles like Placido Domingo?

Placido Domingo has sung many heldentenor, dramatic tenor, spinto tenor, and lyric tenor roles throughout his career to go with some baritone roles. Do all spinto tenors do that?

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    Placido Domingo has had a very long, successful, and untypical career in which he adapted his changing voice to repertoire he would sing. He is still NOT a baritone, but a tenor whose timbre has darkened somewhat in age, and whose top notes are probably either gone or not as they should be to sing tenor roles in OPERA. Interestingly enough, when he started to sing and train as a professional singer, because of his richer, somewhat "heavier" voice, he presumed he was a baritone. It was only later that he made use of his upper range (and even so, he did not go for the really high note roles like his counterpart Luciano Pavarotti). He is also Placido Domingo, and if he decided he wanted to sing the soprano role in "La Traviata", they would LET him. I'd pay to see THAT, if I could afford it, because it's PLACIDO FREAKING DOMINGO!

    Generally speaking, while singers try to sing as varied a repertoire as they can, they will not RISK their voices by going completely out of their fach. A tenor would not sing baritone roles period. Not in opera. Even Domingo, who is properly more of a dramatic tenor, still chose roles that would not unnecessarily strain his voice. While possessing a powerful voice, his voice still did not compare to the typical ultra big voiced heldentenors of Wagner operas, which he only sang on occasion, if anything, he sang more lyric tenor roles). He is also known for his acting skills, so whatever vocal characteristics may be lacking, he makes up in other areas of operatic performance. See the review of his performance as the lead character in Wagner's "Lohengrin":

    More important than if all tenors--spinto or otherwise, CAN sing all of the baritone roles, all of the heldentenor roles, and all of the lyric tenor roles, is whether or not they SHOULD. When it comes to operatic roles, as well as things like solos in oratorio works, there are artistic reasons for the music to be written with such a specific voice type in mind. Usually after YEARS of formal voice training, a young professional opera singer will start with lighter repertoire and/or stick extremely closely to his PRESENT fach, until he either matures into being able to sing more challenging material, or is so far along and established in his career, he can afford to take a risk of vocal stress because he plans to retire anyway.

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      He sang the TENOR role in different productions of "La Traviata". I was jokingly saying that because he is who he is, that he COULD play Violetta and people would buy tickets just because he is who he is.

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