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Why is it bad that Donald Trump called the President of Taiwan?

I'm personally not a fan of Donald Trump, but I'm just curious. Why is it bad that he called the President of Taiwan? Why is the media outraged, why is China outraged? Explain. Please use answers based on logic

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    It's not. When you hear every leftist crying and complaining about how Trump picked up the phone when the president of Taiwan called him to say congratulations, that's when you know Trump is doing awesome, because they have nothing else to complain about.

    People are either pretending or believe the people who are pretending they think it's bad because China is upset. China likes to control everything, the dictatorship of China thinks the democracy of Taiwan is like part of China. China is trying to mess up trade for everyone else in the South China Sea, China's making military bases on islands, China is trying to get more and more power and they don't want anyone else to be as strong. Obama likes saying China doesn't have the upper hand over North Korea but they totally do. China has such a bigger and stronger military, economy, population, everything. North Korea can be a threat and they need to be calmed. If the US needed help with North Korea and Obama was president, China would say whatever. Kiddie Obama is clueless and thinks we should get China do whatever they want. China and Russia have gotten closer under Obama, and if those two ever wanted war with the US, we'd be in trouble. Not that they likely would, but we can't have that chance. China doesn't respect Obama, they didn't even bring the stairs out for him when his plane arrived. All I can say is we're so lucky Trump is doing what he's doing, even if people don't realize it.

    So... when Obama is letting China do whatever they want, Trump accepted a phone call from Taiwan. He's the first to do so in 30 years. It's not dangerous, China isn't going to go to war with us because Trump accepted a congratulations. People are pretending it's dangerous. Lol. It just let China know that we don't have a president who's going to let them step all over the place. Now when Trump talks to China, China will LISTEN to Trump. Trump put something on the table that wasn't even there before. He said hey this is the way it is now. All he did was accept a phone call when Taiwan was saying congratulations. If THAT makes China upset, it shows how ridiculous this all is. China gets the message we won't be bowing pansies anymore. Nothing's even going on with Taiwan. The United States isn't going to be Kiddie Obamaland anymore where Obama's always all oooh we can't do anything, there's nothing we can do, let it go, don't work at it, we have to be submissive. No, Trump is being a leader for the United States. China rips off the US in trade too. By $550 billion a year. It's not China's fault, it's our leaders' fault for letting it happen. Now we have a leader who is actually a leader, and won't let it happen. When China and Trump talk, there won't be any disrespect and bowing down to China. I love how anti-American leftists would rather continue to let China do whatever they want rather than having a president who will put America first and who sent a message to China saying that we have LEADER in America now.

    So to answer the rest of your question lol.. the media is outraged because they have this agenda where everything Trump does is the worst thing ever.

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    China hates Taiwan and refuses to recognize them as a separate country. Trump did a great thing by calling Taiwan and putting China on notice that they might not be getting quite as many cheap-labor contracts from American corporations next year. The Taiwanese were the educated, upper class Chinese whom Mao let go before he closed the gates on the rest of the people under his dictatorship. Taiwan, like America, now believes in individual human rights. China doesn't.

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    The president of Taiwan called Trump.

    The news people are finding something wrong with what Trump does.

    The National news does not report important issues that happen in our country.

    They make mountains out of mole hills about certain people and Trump is one of the people.

    And some people will not let the news people have facts about cases because they will tell all on TV and ruin their investigations.

    Like the blond mom and wife that was kidnapped by 2 Hispanic women. Her hair was cut some, a tattoo was put on the back of her neck and she was beaten up. People that live close to the border know what that means.

    And there's some things going on on the border and the news people are not going to be told some of the details.

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    Taiwan and China have both claimed to be the sovereign government of all of China since 1949 when the communists took over the mainland.

    Most Taiwanese I know prefer to keep it that way even as our mainstream media insist they're under threat to say that.

    China has been extremely sensitive about Taiwan from the git go, especially since the U.S. recognized Taiwan after the communist takeover, as the legitimate govt of China.

    Then came detent after which we recognized the mainland.

    Since then, it's been like walking on eggshells with both sides.

    I'm personally giddy Trump called Taiwan.

    It shows he won't kowtow to either side anymore.


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  • 4 years ago

    Since the 1970's, in an effort to improve relations with mainland China, Taiwan has been put to the wayside. We don't even have diplomatic relations with them. They have a trade office here in DC that handles visas and such things.

  • Jeff D
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    The US isn't supposed to have "official" relations with Taiwan, even though we trade with them and sell them billions of dollars of military equipment. It was two elected leaders congratulating each other on their respective victories, not plotting the overthrow of the Chinese government. It's not that big of a deal although China lodged a pro forma complaint. The liberal media freaked out because, well, that's what they do.

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    Mainland China with a population of 1300 Million considers the Island of Taiwan (population 23 million) a province. During their civil war, the old government retreated to Taiwan while the new government took over mainland China. Trump is showing is ignorance of world affairs and history.

  • Anonymous
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    China doesn't recognize Taiwan as independent. It doesn't see it having a president.

    By saying "president" the US is saying Taiwan is not part of China.

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    China considers Taiwan to be a rogue outpost of China and property of China. Taiwan considers itself to be independent of China.

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    They complained about Trump saving Carrier and now they're complaining because he accepted a call from the President of Taiwan, and he won't even be inaugurated for another month and a half.

    Brace yourself for a cadre of losers who'll complain about everything Trump does for the next four years.

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