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How do I get over my anxiety about what Donald Trump will do to America?


I still can't get over the shock of the election and am scared for what he is going to do to America.

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    By thinking of all the good that is going to come of his becoming president. Bush and Obama both screwed this country up real bad, and Trump wants to change all of that, and make The United States of America, normal again. How is that anything to be anxious about?

    What it is, is the media bs'ing everyone, trying desperately to try to make him look bad. In my opinion, only Trump could make himself look bad. With some things he has said, probably wasn't a good thing for him to say certain words, but I have faith in that if we just give the man a chance, let's wait and see what happens.

    Obama got into office and I certainly don't recall all these people freaking out, so I can't understand why everyone is so upset that he got into office. Hillary would have brought us to ruin for sure, and I for one am glad she did not get in. If she can share our secrets with other countries, what do you think she would do as president? She is corruption in the worst way possible, and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, believe me.

    Just breath easy and relax. Everything will be okay.

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    He seems way too stupid to know what's going on. So basically everyone around him will be the ones actually running the country. Everything he will try to do will be overruled by congress if it's that bad. Really he's no worst that if Mike Pence got in.

    Trump will give his inaugural address via twitter or something. (Just kidding, he loves the attention too much.) He's like a Japanese emperor. Just for show, but has no real power.

    He's a guy that said he'll build a wall a get Mexico to pay for it. Obviously this won't happen. Neither will any of his other made up on the spot BS. An interviewer brought up having a fence in areas and he just agreed. He's more of a chump than a trump. Only looking for attention.

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    DON'T give up. Trump isn't President yet. In fact, technically Trump isn't even "President-Elect" yet.

    On Nov. 8, you watched "the election" on TV. Actually, what you saw was: (1) the Popular/People's vote; and (2) a GUESSTIMATE OF THE ELECTORAL VOTE. It was not the real vote of the Electors. It was for TV RATINGS!!! The "real" vote/election occurs on Dec. 19 when the Electors of The Electoral College vote. The "real" election hasn't even taken place yet! It's not too late!

    What to do?!? Well, we have a plan.

    Go to our website:

    Sign the Petition asap.

    Then tell everyone you know that wants Trump OUT of The Oval Office about the Petition asap. We need to get as many signatures as possible by December 19th. We currently have more than 4.5+ MILLION signatures!!!

    It's not over yet!!!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Read a few books about that dirt bag Clinton and her dirt bag family. You'd be surprised how happy you'll become that Trump won.

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    Hell if Obama couldn't destroy it by stupidity and ineptitude then I wouldn't worry. By control of the narrative the Press and Hollywood have successfully used propaganda to make a large percentage of the population to believe that every Republican President since Eisenhower would cause WW3. I'm still waiting, and if I were you I wouldn't worry either. Try closing your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to think more clearly.

    Stop allowing the Elitist Liberals to control your fears. Reality is somewhere in the middle like Middle America.

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    I like Donald

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    Honestly people are making this out to be much worse then it is. Trumps power is limited. Hes not going to destroy the country. After all he has to protect his business interests! In any case. Just ride out the next 4 years... i dont think it will be as bad or world ending as most of us seem to think... He has a team of people who are somewhat retarded so it could be a whole lot of do nothing but... you know i dont know what we all expected.

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    4 years ago

    Tennesee Sour Mash-better known as Jack Daniels.

  • Ron
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    4 years ago

    Get away from the Liberals and you will be fine, as will America with Trump.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    See a therapist. Simple answer. If you need more than a therapist, see a psychiatrist. Have them prescribe you medication. If that doesn't work, move to higher doses.

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