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is this really a scam?


I signed up for a hookup site....Now I have the admin from that site threatening me with emails saying that if I don't follow their verification process they'll fine me $600 a month according to their terms and agreements...Every link they've sent me is a link to sign up for another site....even the cancellation link they sent me was just a site to take more of my money...Is this just a scam? Or am I in trouble....They won't leave me alone.They said they're contacting police as well.HELP!

Update 2:

The last time they messaged me I never responded and they haven't responded back since then...They did manage to take $55 from my own stupidity of falling for this but they haven't taken any more and haven't responded yet back...When I asked them that I wanted to cancel everything they sent me another link yet again to sign up to another site...I refused to sign up...They said if I didn't they would take $600 a month from my account and they said the girls would take a weekly charge out.

Update 3:

They also said they'd ban me from all their other sites and label me a scammer.I contacted support and told them my situation and even blocked the site admin from emailing me it still showed up in my spam folder...Even though since the last message they sent me I haven't responded and don't plan too...I think with the link they sent me to cancel this process it must be a scam because why would they send another link to sign up for another site,it wasn't to cancel.This is heartwrenching!

Update 4:

The site I signed up with only has my name and credit card number....It's a Virtual Visa Debit card from RBC not an actual credit card

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    That's an absolute scam. NO site can fine you and there is no such thing as "verification" -- those are all fake sites designed to steal your identity and max out your credit card. The average victim of the verification scam loses $3000

    Do not reply for any reason. Block their email address and ignore them

    Cancel your credit card ASAP and call the number on the back to say your number got stolen and there are unauthorized charges

    This is why you don't sign up for any dating sites unless they are well known - Match, eHarmony, Tinder, POF, Ok Cupid, Zoosk, etc.

    If you want to hook up, you use a well known site but just look for people whose status says "not looking for a serious relationship" or "casual relationship" which is dating site speak for "just looking to hook up". And Tinder is all about hookups --and it's free. The reason people use Tinder is to find hookups

  • 4 years ago

    It sounds like a scam.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Of course it's a scam.

    Block their email domain and don't respond to them at all. If they contact you via any other means, you should be the one calling the cops.

  • 4 years ago

    If you question it,then Yes it is. If you do not question it, then it still might be a scam.

  • 4 years ago

    As long as you don't give them your credit card info, or where you live, or any personal data (name is ok) you should be fine. If you gave them your phone number or your credit card info, I'd go to my data network provider and ask for a new number. I do not know if it cost anything to get a new number, but it might. If you gave them your credit card info, then go online to your banks website and say you lost your card and you want it to be shutdown. After you account is not allowing anymore purchases, ask if you can just get new card with a different number and stuff.

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