What should my permanent and current addresses be? See Details.?

I applied to a graduate school in WI and have to complete a tuition evaluation (determine residency status). For three years, my permanent address was in Woodruff, WI. My spouse got into a school in California. We decided to move to California and rent our house. Because I wanted to finish the year out at my WI job, we decided that I would stay with a friend in Minocqua, WI until January. Then I will move to California and find a job. We did fill out an 'address change' (WI to CA) with the United States Postal Service. Would my permanent address continue to be Woodruff, WI or would it be the Califonia address? Also, would my current address by Minocqua, WI or would it be the California address (since I'm moving there in January)?

Thanks for you helping me with this complicated situation!

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    Legally its the address you put on your last tax returns unless you told the federal or state government differently. And telling the government can be done in several ways. For example the change of address form you register with the post office or changing your address on your drivers license, which you are required to do anytime you change permanent addresses. That being said you can still claim Wisconsin residency simply by proving your actual tenancy did not change. The most common way isn't proving a lease exists but that you have received mail at your friends during the period in question, along with your continued enrollment in school.

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    3 years ago

    Ok so your new residency when classes start in January as you say will be in California, so that is your home of record. But then how do you expect to go to grad school in WI if you will be living in CA. It will be cheaper to go to grad school in CA.

    For you there is no difference between permanment and current address. They are one in the same.

    • Lover3 years agoReport

      I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm understanding you well.

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