What should I upgrade on my desktop PC rig?

I am thinking about updating my PC and i m not sure what to start with. I have a Geforce GTX 950, Intel core i5-4690 cpu @ 3.50 GHz and 7.89 GB RAM

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  • Goerge
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    4 years ago
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    Equally important upgrades include your RAM and GFX card. For a HUGE boost in performance the 1070 would be the best upgrade that wouldn't be overly expensive. By that I mean the 1080 boost in FPS costs WAY too much. The value of the 1070 isn't out of this world. Out of some people's budget? Depends on how bad they want the card and how long they are willing to save.

    The 1060 6GB would still offer a good boost in performance but it just isn't a big enough step for a $269 investment. Do you have $269? Sell that 950 for $100. Just that much closer to the 1070.

    WHY would I suggest such a leap? That's what I would do in your shoes, boots, sandals, socks... I have the 4690K and the 970 with 8GB of RAM.

    That's the second upgrade. BF1 is using up to 9GB on top end settings with a 1080p TV/monitor. Add an additional 8GB RAM.

    My rig

    Operating System

    Windows 10 Home 64-bit


    Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz 20 °C

    Haswell 22nm Technology


    8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 933MHz (10-11-10-30)


    MSI Z97 PC Mate(MS-7850) (SOCKET 0) 23 °C


    Zoran (1920x1080@60Hz)

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (EVGA) 34 °C


    931GB Western Digital WDC WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0 (SATA) 25 °C

    465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AACS-00D0B0 (SATA) 26 °C

    111GB ADATA SP550 (SSD) 22 °C

    298GB Western Digital WDC WD3200BEVT-60A23T0 (SATA) 18 °C

    Optical Drives



    High Definition Audio Device

  • Fulano
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    4 years ago

    You really need to test it for yourself, especially when you didn't say what you use it for.

    I'd start with watching your GPU usage with a tool like GPU-Z. It's probably running under full load, which means a faster GPU would improve performance. If it isn't running under full load then the game is waiting on something else.

    After that I'd watch my RAM usage in Task Manager to make sure you have enough. Make sure it's not getting near 8 GB when you run your normal set of programs. It doesn't make your computer faster to have more RAM than you need, though lots of people mistakenly believe it does.

    Your CPU should be fine for most games for a while... so I'd guess it's not the issue, but if you test things you may find it is, if you run CPU heavy programs.

  • 4 years ago

    I'd go up to 16GB first. It's a cheap upgrade. If you want the one you'll see the biggest change with, remove the 950 and replace it with a 1060 or 1070. The processor is fine as is.

  • 4 years ago

    GPU first. Get a GTX 1060 6GB or RX 480.

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    4 years ago

    For what reason?

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