Questions on the English Bill of Rights.?

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the English Bill of Rights.

1. What event was the English Bill of Rights written to justify? What had the parliament done?

2. To whom did it give governmental power? What kind of government did it specifically give power to?

3. How did the answers to the last 2 questions give influence to America.

Thanks, If you have questions about the questions, ask me to clarify.

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  • Clive
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    The Bill of Rights 1689 was enacted basically to prevent any more Catholic monarchs doing exactly as they pleased and ignoring Parliament. So the two key things in it are a ban on Catholics on the throne, and a ban on monarchs making law without the consent of Parliament. That second one is the basis of how law is made in the UK today - Parliament makes it, and the Queen just gives Royal Assent to it (which hasn't been refused since 1708).

    The event associated with it was the Glorious Revolution, possibly the least violent revolution ever. James II had fled the country after little more than 2 years on the throne, seeing that Parliament was displeased with him following the same policies as his father Charles I - which caused the English Civil War.

    Now that he was out of the way, Parliament could invite someone else to be king, someone it would get on better with, and it invited William of Orange, husband of the nearest Protestant relative, Mary. William refused unless Mary could be joint monarch with him, because after all, he was Dutch and it wasn't HIS country really. Parliament agreed so they could get him to be king, so that was the only time England ever had two people on the throne together.

    Try reading the Bill of Rights - the English is pretty antique because of its age, but it starts off as laws frequently did back then, with a list of the reasons why it was made. And oh boy, did Parliament have a lot to complain about!

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      It would help me a lot if you could answer the three questions in a short, and direct manner.

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