Breeding in pokemon sun and moom?

So I have a hidden ability ditto(imposter) is it possible to get a hidden ability passed down to a dratini by breeding them two or will they just have shed skin and not marvel scale?

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  • Cantra
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    3 years ago
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    Pokemon abilities are determined by the mother. If the mother has a normal ability, the offspring will always have a normal ability. If there is a choice of two normal abilities, it is more likely to have the same as the mother, and a leser chance of having the other. There is no chance of the offspring having a hidden ability unless the mother has it.

    When breeding a male with a Ditto, the ability is determined by the father in the exact same way as the above, ie, if the father has a normal ability, the offspring will have a normal ability too. The ditto's ability is not taken into account, even if it has a hidden ability, it has no bearing on the offspring's ability.

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