As a christian, would it be wrong to tell your parents something like informing them of asking them? I'm 16?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    Your sentence is unclear. Do you mean you want to inform your parents of a fact with which they would take exception or do you mean you want to tell them you are going to do something rather than asking for their permission?

    As a Christian, you must treat your parents as you want them to treat you. How would you feel if the situation were reversed? Always do the most kind and respectful thing regardless of to whom you are speaking.

    Since it is something that you want to do, ask yourself if there are valid reasons for your parents to refuse you. Think of what their objections might be and come up with answers that will reassure them.

    • Caleb3 years agoReport

      No, inform them of something I want to do an they say okay, or instead I ask and they say yah sure.

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