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AMD processors' clock speed differs from an Intel processors'?

On Grand Theft Auto V's System Requirements on its Steam page, it says that the minimum specs to play the game (in terms of a processor) is either an Intel Quad-core CPU @ @2.4 GHz or an AMD Quad-core CPU @ 2.5 GHz. Why, if you have an AMD processor, does it take an extra .1 GHz to equal an Intel processor? It's the same thing with the Recommended specs. Either have an Intel Quad-core @ 3.2 GHz, or have an AMD OCTA-CORE @ 4GHz.

Intel: 4-core, 3.2 Ghz

AMD: 8-core, 4.0 Ghz.


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  • 3 years ago
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    Clock speed isn't the only thing that determines performance. Another important factor is IPC, or instructions per clock. CPUs with better IPC can be a lot faster than higher-clocked CPUs with worse IPC. That's why Intel's 2.7 GHz i5-6400 is overall faster than AMD's 4.7 GHz FX-9590.

    There are 2 main factors behind this. One is the fact that AMD has not released a genuinely new CPU since 2011. It's all been slight changes to an existing design. In that time, Intel has started using much smaller transistors in each CPU (down to 14nm from 32nm). Because of this, Intel CPUs in general can use less power and are faster despite having lower core clocks. The other is because on AMD FX CPUs each core shares cache and an FPU with the core next to it, so none of the cores are performing to their full potential.

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  • Fulano
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    3 years ago

    Clock speed doesn't mean much in estimating CPU capabilities. Don't use it. It used to be, 15 years ago, but not at all now.

    The only accurate way to compare two different CPUs is with benchmark tests. There are lots of websites dedicated to this.

    So here's a comparison of the two CPUs you mentioned:

    The 4460's cores process data 37% faster, even at the slower clock speed.

    The FX 8350 would be 13% faster IF you ran something that can fully use all 8 cores. That's pretty easy to do in processing large chunks of data like 3D rendering or video encoding, but it's VERY difficult for something as dynamic as a video game. Games still have a hard time even fully using 4 cores because you've got to try to coordinate that data between all those cores, and they largely just end up waiting a lot for each other.

    So, even though the FX has more cores and a faster clock speed, it's generally a slower CPU in gaming.

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  • Dick
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    3 years ago

    I think what you'll find if you do the research is that AMD doesn't make a 2.4 GHz processor. Their only one in that speed range is probably a 2.5 GHz. It has nothing to do with one takes .1 GHz more speed than the other. Additionally, that's the "recommended minimum speed" by the game manufacturer so that you will know what it takes to run the game efficiently.

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