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Can I get an external SSD?

I'm getting a gaming desktop but most that I find have SSDs that are either 128 or 256GB. Do I need more if I'm going to be playing some high end games but not streaming? Battlefield 1 requires 50GB space and I have some other pretty big games in mind that I want to be able to play. Can I get an external SSD or is it better to just get an HDD in that case?

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    A SSD just speeds up load times. It'll make your computer go from booting in 1-2 minutes to booting in 10 seconds.

    Since they're so much more expensive than normal hard drive, people usually just get small ones to install the OS and a few games on, then they put the rest of the games on the second hard drive that's usually much larger. SSDs like to have plenty of free space. With a 128 GB SSD it'll need 25 GB of Windows plus whatever programs you'd have you'd probably only have about 50 GB of space for games.

    External SSDs don't really work very well, USB will limit the speed of the SSD, I think even USB 3.0 is slower than an SSD but I can't remember for sure.

    Your computer probably will have more SATA ports to add more internal drives later though. Whatever you do I do highly recommend having an extra drive for backup as well.

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    External Ssd For Gaming

  • Goerge
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    It is up to you and your budget. It's better to use the internal sata ports. The M.2 connection is the fastest and most expensive. Some boards have that and some don't. Using that does sometimes disable some SATA ports. An SSD decreases game load times and can fix hitching stutters. Hitching happens when the hard drive can't offload data fast enough to keep up with the rest of the system. An SSD does nothing to increase FPS. Are the benefits offered by an SSD worth the price of the SSD? That's a question only you can answer.

    You can buy a 256GB or 500GB drive and use when you want to move games. You have been playing all the games on your SSD for a while. Most are at 100% completion and you are running out of SSD space. You have a secondary HDD as a storage drive. Create the folder via Steam exactly the way that site suggests(option 2). You can now copy all those titles from your steam library/steam apps/common folder(Default folder for Steam) on your SSD drive to the steam library/steam apps/common folder on your HDD. Then you delete as many games as you copied. Your SSD is now ready for more titles. You can follow the directions for the games that use Origin to move those.

    Moving games around like that works for Steam and Origin. It won't work with Uplay. I keep my Uplay games on my storage drive. Even with a tiny 120GB drive my games can benefit from the SSD. I just don't have that many games on my SSD. In hindsight I do wish I would have purchased a 256GB or larger drive.

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    Don't waste your money on an external ssd, that won't speed things up for you. An external can only go as fast as the usb port it's plugged into. To utilize an ssd properly you need to install it internally like any other internal hdd.

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    External HDD is better than SSD for games. Even better just get 2TB internal HDD

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    You can get up to 1TB SSD. You can probably get up to 4TB, but the cost goes up...

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    For games it's probably better to get an HDD.

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