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Why pope francis have many bodyguards?

And he is inside the car that looks like with strong bullet proof window.

Who would want to kill a pope.

Would would want to kill pope francis.

Why is he so important.

Pope, they just pray.


What would be the reason to kill pope or francis.

Update 2:

why kill him? He is very old. He will die by aging soon.

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    The Pope is actually much more than what you think. He is the head of the largest religious organization in the world. He represents 'Christianity' to many non-christians. He has complete control over the Vatican and there are many in the bureaucracy of the church who do not like him and want him gone. Pope's have been murdered before and even Pope John Paul was shot, but not killed, by a Muslim as I recall.

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    As head of the largest and arguably most influential Christian church in the world, he is an important symbol of Christianity. You know Pope John Paul II? He was very fond of the Muslims, very pro-Muslim. That didn't stop a Muslim from shooting him (luckily, he survived).

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    Who would want to kill a pope?

    Mehmet Ali Ağca

  • 4 years ago

    To stop those not stupid enough to believe his ruse yet daft enough to go up against one of Satan's human pawns.

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    Learn recent history. Start with the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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    Because, he is a jewish jesuit he used to kidnap baby and kill them in the jewish synagogues that's why

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    ISIS has threatened to kill him.

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