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What do I do about my chase sapphire reserve card ?

Just recently received my chase sapphire reserve card in the mail after it was expedited shipping. i was offered a 10k credit line. I activated the card right away and waited a day before using. I try to make a relatively small purchase off Amazon. Declined. I called explained and try again making sure I type everything correctly include zip and billing address. Again declined and again I called to clear it up. Now they suspended my account and I can't login to see anything online. Called and said I my account was under review and need to wait 24-48 hours for them to call me. What do I do ? Why is this happening ? I love this card and don't want to lose it :(

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    This is happening because you tried to use it on Amazon.

    A new card should be used in person, in a store that scans it, the first time it is used, before it is used online.

    Now, you do nothing. You wait for them to finish the review before you do anything. After they finish the review, you use it in person, in a brick-and-mortar store.

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    who did you call? amazon? chase?

    i think those card are suppose to use on high cost items

    you oly mmade "small

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