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When a guy unfollows a girl on IG?


Some guy/friend I'd hooked up with about two weeks ago unfollowed me on IG and just confused why. We're still FB friends. Just curious if guys do this for no reason ?

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    numerous reasons so don't freak out, if theyre still friends with you on fb they can't hate you

    1. he could have been stalking you and then accidentally unfollowed you, but he couldn't request to follow you again because you would know he looked at your account

    2. his phone could have glitched mine does it a lot where it blocks random peoplee on instagram super annoying,

    3. maybe you post too many photos i unfollow people i know because they;re photos are annoying and fills up my feed

    4. again probably an accident

    5. did you go out on a date, or was it just hook up, maybe he has a gf, if so maybe not the type of guy you should hang out with, gf that could find out so he unfollowed you because its pretty obvious why he would be following you whereas on fb you can have 10000 friends and its acceptable

    6. ask him, you could directly ask him or maybe in a group chat and if he's in it be sly and say sorry if i unfollowed anyone ig is laggy or glitchy or say to them to like your recent photo , if you're private this will work, and then when he doesn't like it demand he does

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    Lol, I'm literally I'm the same situation as you! Honestly, I can't speak for all guys as it could be anything... More than likely though, he just lost interest or found someone else to talk to

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    He probably found a girl that he's interested in and thought that it wasn't suitable to follow you anymore. Forget him.

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