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health advice for my anxiety and tremors?

I need some Advice on what to do about my anxiety its getting so bad in social situations that when ever i try to eat or wright in front of someone my hands start to shake excessively, i have been taking medication for the anxiety to get by daily but i still struggle on the spot, i also believe i have a essential tremor in both hands because my hands shake a little anyway, which sucks because Im only 28 and it makes it impossible to hide any nervousness. i can just feel the burst of adrenaline and my heart starts racing because i feel like most people can control that part of themselves even when nervous.

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    Hi there. I'm 20 turning 21 very soon and I've struggled with essential tremor in both hands all my life. I also have social anxiety so doing everyday tasks in front of others is very challenging. So I know where you're coming from. You really need to see a doctor about your situation and a neurologist if possible. Part of your problem is physical and part is mental, your doctor will be able to help you with both situations. Or see a mental health professional for the social anxiety. When you're doing something in front of someone try not to think about it, pretend they're not there or just distract yourself with thoughts or music, the social anxiety makes it MUCH worse so you need to address the anxiety before anything. Get a pen with a better grip too, I find using biros/ballpoint pens much more challenging than using ink pens. And try to get involved in activities, this will be challenging at first but when I started volunteering I found that it really helped with my confidence.

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