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Name this family?

Surname: Johnson, Davis, Baker, Hale, Smith

Father FN: Oscar, Charles, John, Patrick, Clark

MN: David, Shawn, Gregory, George, Felix

Mother FN: Rebecca, Jennifer, Kate, Patricia, Luna

MN: Sarah, Renee, Justine, Elizabeth, Estelle

Son FN: Joshua, Daniel, Zachary, Owen, Wyatt

MN: Steven, Kane, James, Lawrence, Henry

Son #2 FN: Isaac, Ethan, Jaden, Paul, Zane

MN: Carter, Oliver, Joseph, Luke, Brady

Daughter FN: Olivia, Emma, Ava, Charlotte, Ruby

MN: Cora, Hannah, Rosalie, Erica, Danielle

Son #3 FN:Baker, Julian, Simon, Jonathan, Tyler

MN: Taylor, Max, Hayden, Phillip, William

Son #4 FN: Dominic, Benjamin, Sebastian, Cooper, Carson

MN: Jack, Quinn, Barry, Lucas, Scott

Daughter #2 FN:Juliet, Caroline, Jessica, Alexis, Chloe

MN: Rosalind, Amanda, Lillian, Jacklyn, Margaret


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    Surname: Hale

    Father: John George Hale

    Mother: Rebecca Renee Hale

    Son: Wyatt Henry Hale

    Son #2: Zane Brady Hale

    Daughter: Olivia Danielle Hale

    Son #3: Julian Philip Hale

    Son #4: Carson Scott Hale

    Daughter #2: Alexis Rosalind Hale

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    Oscar Shawn Davis

    Luna Justine Davis

    Wyatt Lawrence Davis

    Isaac Joseph Davis

    Ruby Erica Davis

    Julian Phillip Davis

    Dominic Scott Davis

    Alexis Lillian Davis

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    Charles Felix Davis

    Kate Elizabeth Davis

    Joshua Henry Davis

    Isaac Oliver Davis

    Ruby Cora Davis

    Simon William Davis

    Sebastian Scott Davis

    Caroline Margaret Davis

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    Charles George Davis & Kate Elizabeth Davis-Baker have:

    Wyatt Henry Davis (19)

    Isaac Brady Davis (17)

    Ruby Danielle Davis (14)

    Simon Taylor Davis (11)

    Carson Lucas Davis (8)

    Chloe Margaret Davis (8)

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    Father: Charles Felix Davis

    Mother: Rebecca Renee Davis

    Son #1: Owen Steven Davis

    Son #2: Paul Brady Davis

    Daughter #1: Charlotte Erica Davis

    Son #3: Simon Taylor Davis

    Son #4: Dominic Jack Davis

    Daughter #2: Juliet Jacklyn Davis

  • Anonymous
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    Patrick George Hale (Pat)

    Luna Sarah Hale

    Zachary Lawrence (Zak)

    Isaac Oliver

    Charlotte Rosalie (Char)

    Jonathan William (Jon)

    Dominic Quinn (Domino)

    Chloe Margaret

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    Patrick Gregory Johnson

    Jennifer Renée Johnson

    "Pat & Jen"

    Zachary James Johnson

    Ethan Luke Johnson

    Charlotte Rosalie Johnson

    Tyler Phillip Johnson

    Benjamin Quinn Johnson

    Alexis Lillian Johnson

    "Zach, Ethan, Lottie, Ty, Ben, & Alex"

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    Patrick Shawn & Luna Elizabeth Baker

    Owen Steven

    Zane Oliver (Oliver or Ollie)

    Olivia Hannah

    Jonathan Taylor (Taylor or Tay)

    Sebastian Scott

    Chloe Lillian (Lilly)

  • Amy
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    Surname: Davis. Mother's maiden name: Smith

    Oscar George

    Jennifer Renee

    -Joshua James

    -Jaden Brady

    -Ruby Rosalie

    -Tyler Max

    -Benjamin Jack

    -Alexis Margaret

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    Patrick David & Rebecca Sarah (Nee Davis) Hale *Rick & Beca*

    Zachary Kane Hale *Zac*

    Jaden Oliver Hale *Jay*

    Charlotte Erica Hale *Charli*

    Tyler William Hale *Ty*

    Cooper Lucas Hale *Coop*

    Alexis Lillian Hale *Alex*

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