A plane is flying from Toronto due west to Winnipeg, a distance of 1,124km, at an average cruising speed of 275km/hr. There is a 35.5 km/hr wind blowing from the NW for the entire trip.

i) What direction will the plane need to head in order to maintain a course directly west?

ii) How fast will the plane travel in the westerly direction across the ground?

iii) How long will the flight take to get to Winnipeg?

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    i) The plane will need to create a northern component in its windspeed that will counteract the southern component of the wind's speed:

    275km/h * sinΘ = 35.5km/h * sin45º

    sinΘ = 0.0913

    Θ = 5.24º N of West

    ii) V = 275km/h * cos5.24º - 35.5km/h * cos45º = 249 km/h

    iii) t = d / V = 1124km / 249km/h = 4.52 h

    Hope this helps!

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