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Weasel McWeasel, what do you think about Donald Trump? Do you think he will be a great president?

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    since you asked........I'll be happy to tell you.

    I have been saying from day one, that I didn't like Hillary, or Trump.----for president. I wanted Joe Biden to run........but he didn't, and that was the end of that.

    of the other 16 losers the GOP put up.............I'm actually glad Trump smacked them all down.....especially that pathetic loser Ted Cruz. It was funny at the time, when Trump made a fool out of him-

    But that left us with Hillary, vs Trump......... which was akin to asking people to choose between Monkey sh*t and Dog Sh*t.

    personally, I really don't care which bag of sh*t won. Hillary would have been no great shakes, to be sure........

    and at least with Donald, you *do* get the entertainment factor......and all those GREAT SNL skits.

    Having said that...........Donald , as much I personally LIKE the man, and LOVED his TV show, The Apprentice............hey,, that was some funny sh*t........firing Gary Busey, and all..........

    personally, electing a racist Birther Moron, as president.........probably not the smartest thing America has ever done.







    and now....... Donald Trump.

    It kinda boggles the mind, really.

    But any fool can see that the people are sick of BOTH sides........tired of the gridlock in Washington.........tired of NOTHING getting done.........tired of the US vs THEM mentality that politics has become.............

    and Trump successfully played that "Outsider" card, and did the freaking impossible.

    I Always give credit where credit is due.........and I tip my hat to the man.

    There wasn't a pundit alive who thought he could actually pull it off, and he did.

    I have nothing but admiration for that..........that he did what he said he was gonna do.

    He showed them all. How can you not admire that?

    The problem though, as I that the SHOW is now over.............and now the sack of sh*t is actually president. YOUR President. MY president. OUR president.

    And if electing a birther Moron PRESIDENT,--- in charge of the nuclear codes, -----doesn't worry you........then you are not paying attention.

    But you see me out on the streets protesting? He won. Have at it. Go build your wall.

    I'm more than willing to give him a chance, to see if he really can do half the BS he promised. He's already walking back most of it........ so, let me ask you feel cheated yet?

    Because he won't be able to do half the crap he promised.......but, oh, you already knew that, didn't you?

    So hey..........good luck with all that. The pendulum Always swings both Always has, and it Always will.

    In light of the massive protests will still be interesting to see what happens in Dec 19th, when the electoral college actually votes. ......not that I expect any miracles, and as I said, not that I want Hillary either.

    But it seems to me, quite a few people across the country are pretty unhappy about this. Not an auspicious start to a new era. Agree?


    Oh, just one more thing.........(as Columbo likes to say...)

    He also promised to drain the swamp, and now is talking about putting Newt, Guiliani, and Palin in his cabinet, or giving them high ranking positions.

    Oh, you so "drained the swamp", so you could find the swamp MONSTERS like Newt? and the swamp scum on the bottom, like Palin?

    This is anyone's idea of draining the SWAMP? by putting Newt, the biggest bucket of political pond scum to ever ooze over capitol hill in charge of anything? I sincerely hope he's going to make a few better choices and picks than THAT. But I am glad all the unemployed republicans will now have jobs at least. Maybe now they will have meaningful work again, instead of whoring themselves on talk shows, just to bash Obama.

    Just my two cents.

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    It appears Weasel McWeasel already answered.

    Along the lines of what he said, here's my input.

    We have to give Trump a chance. He's actually proving to be liberal on some things, though unifying the hard lined GOP is another big goal of his.

    Can it be done? Or did the neocons like Newt, Giuliani, Palin, Christie, and most of all that POS Pence end up merely infiltrating Trump's cabinet in order to play the game of politics as politicians past their day in the sun?

    Trump seems like he has good intentions, denouncing the Neo-Nazi counter protests versus Anti-Trump SJWs.

    We can see, there have been some great presidents over the history of America.

    If Trump can rank in the top 15 I'd be impressed.

    As a moderate, I'm totally fine with Big Don in charge.

    He can't let the cons corrupt him. They have it out for him already.


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    I hope so.

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