Should i tell him about my eye condition because he wants to facetime?

I had 2 surgeries as a child and you can't tell in pictures but I have a friend who is a guy and he keeps trying to facetime me but I feel ugly in videos because I blink slow in the eye I had surgery on. basically when my normal eye blinks the other blinks later but in pictures I look normal and you can't really tell I have a eye condition. idk how to tell him because I don't want to come off as insecure or a catfish He said I'm beautiful and I know I'm beautiful but I'm not going to act like I don't have something pretty noticeable going on

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  • 4 years ago
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    You are not ugly. It is all in your head. You are a beautiful woman. Yes, it will bring you comfort for him to know about your facial surgery. That way it will put the subject to bed.

    If you would like me to be your "bridge" over troubled water, just let me know. Peter Anthony

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