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What would you name this family?

*first names are provided

*girl middle names end in a or ah

*boy middle names end in er

Surname: Wallace, Walbridge, Warble, Wamblee

Mom - Wendy

Dad - William

Daughter (twin) - Whitney

Daughter (twin) - Whitley

Son - Waylen

Daughter - Willow

Son - Wyatt

Son - Wenston

Daughter (triplet) - Weslyn

Son (triplet) - Weston

Son (triplet) - Wesley

Daughter - Whiley



Wendy Amelia Wallace + William Tyler Wallace

* Whitney Savannah Wallace

* Whitley Delilah Wallace

* Waylen Chandler Wallace

* Willow Clara Wallace

* Wyatt Spencer Wallace

* Wenston Hunter Wallace

* Weslyn Norah Wallace

* Weston Sawyer Wallace

* Wesley Parker Wallace

* Whiley Ava Wallace

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  • Sheena
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    Mom - Wendy Alexandria Walbridge

    Dad - William Jagger Walbridge

    Daughter (twin) - Whitney Liliana Walbridge

    Daughter (twin) - Whitley Juliana Walbridge

    Son - Waylen Carter Walbridge

    Daughter - Willow Savanna Walbridge

    Son - Wyatt Kiefer Walbridge

    Son - Wenston Alexander Walbridge

    Daughter (triplet) - Weslyn Olivia Walbridge

    Son (triplet) - Weston Xavier Walbridge

    Son (triplet) - Wesley Christopher Walbridge

    Daughter – Whiley Aliya Walbridge

  • mobina
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    3 years ago


    Wendy Carolina

    William Archer

    Whitney Ariana

    Whitley Anna

    Waylen Ryder

    Willow Katrina

    Wyatt Kyler

    Wenston Ryker

    Weslyn Rosa

    Weston Asher

    Wesley Tyler

    Whiley Sasha

  • 3 years ago

    William Walter and Wendy Wanda Wallace

    Whitney Wilhelmina

    Whitley Wilma

    Waylen Wagner

    Williow Wilda

    Wyatt Whittaker

    Wenston Warner

    Weslyn Willa

    Weston Walker

    Wesley Wilder

    Whiley Winona

  • Wendy Tamara Walbridge

    William Parker Walbridge

    Whitney Anna - 18

    Whitley Isabella - 18

    Waylen Jasper - 15

    Willow Veronica - 12

    Wyatt Cooper - 10

    Wenston Xander - 9

    Weslyn Rebecca - 6

    Weston Sawyer - 6

    Wesley Chandler - 6

    Whiley Pamela - 2

    Source(s): I would've done.. Wendy & William Whitney Winona "Nona" Wesley "Wes" Willow Wilfred "Fred" Woody Wanda Wane Winston Wednesday "Day" "Whitney, Nona, Wes, Willow, Fred, Woody, Wanda, Wade, Winston + Day."
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      Any outdoor activities could be fun sometimes

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  • 3 years ago

    Wendy Victoria Walbridge

    William Oliver Walbridge "Will"

    Whitney Cassandra Walbridge

    Whitley Alexandra Walbridge

    Waylen Carter Walbridge

    Willow Amelia Walbridge

    Wyatt Jasper Walbridge

    Wenston Alexander Walbridge

    Weslyn Natalia Walbridge

    Weston Christopher Walbridge

    Wesley Xavier Walbridge

    Whiley Isabella Walbridge

  • EmCee
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    3 years ago

    Wendy Abriella Wamblee

    William Ander Wamblee

    Whitney Corrina Wamblee

    Whitley Anastasia Wamblee

    Waylen Booker Wamblee

    Willow Eleanora Wamblee

    Wyatt Christopher Wamblee

    Wenston Cooper Wamblee

    Weslyn Cora Wamblee

    Weston Jenner Wamblee

    Wesley Gardner Wamblee

    Whiley Clara Wamblee

  • 3 years ago

    Wendy Dana and William Christopher Walbridge

    Whitney Hanna (twin 19)

    Whitley Anna (twin 19)

    Waylen Bower (18)

    Willow Luna (15)

    Wyatt Tucker (13)

    Wenston Alexander (12)

    Weslyn Eliza (triplet 9)

    Weston Parker (triplet 9)

    Wesley Cooper (triplet 9)

    Whiley Daniella (8)

    -Wendy and Will, Whitney, Whitley, Waylen, Willow, Wyatt, Wenston, Weslyn, Weston, Wesley, and Whiley Walbridger

  • layla
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    3 years ago

    William Brenner Wallace & Wendy Marina "Marina" Warble

    Whitney Alexandra "Allie" Wallace, Whitley Diana "Anna" Wallace

    Waylen Carter Wallace

    Willow Natalia "Nat" Wallace

    Wyatt Cooper Wallace

    Wenston Oliver "Tony" Wallace

    Weslyn Chiara "Lynnie" Wallace, Weston River "Wes" Wallace, Whiley Jasper "Jasper" Wallace

    Why on earth Would you use so many W's

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    This is as hard as choosing a doughnut or cupcake!

    The Wamblee family! They’re full of energy, bubbly, friendly, kind, patient, and a wonderful, helpful family—they’re even supportive!

    Wendy Dinorah is the most patient woman you’ll ever meet. Seriously, she’s so patient that she even waits for you at the end of the line at Starbucks!

    William Arrow is extremely shy, yet the sweetest man you could possibly find. He’s romantic. He takes his wife out on boat rides with the family underneath the Aurora Borealis; he even cooks for her on her birthday and anniversary day.

    Their children are extremely precious and charming. They’re all darlings!

    First, we have Whitney Marlynna. She’s obviously the oldest. She has a one heck of a voice! She sings on any day especially for the elderly. She gives them positive, uplifting songs to fill their hearts with joy. When she’s not at the hospital singing to the handicap people, she’s singing to her parents and siblings about the day she has had! What an inspirational child. It’s a blessing to have her around.

    Next, we have her twin, Whitley Ohana. She’s gentle. She’s compassionate. Her heart is full of gold; she loves animals and people so much that she helps them in every chance she gets. One time, she saved a baby from drowning in a pool. That careless parent! Thankfully, she helped saved the baby’s life. As a reward, she had dinner with that family. She gave them AMAZING advice; the mother got her life together after that day, and now she gives great affection for her baby. No child is left behind, ever!

    Waylen Prancer is the third child in the Wamblee family. He loves to dance. When he was first born, Waylen was giggling and tapping his foot to the beat. His middle name was given as a gift for dancing with his soul.

    He puts his full motivation on dancing—he even dances in front of people.

    He perfoms on stages, in public, and at his grandparent’s house. Despite his everlasting love for dancing, he is way too bashful to dance with a girl.

    Willow Tianah Wamblee, is the most energetic of the bunch. She never stops moving, and she can jump on a trampoline 5 feet in the air. Willow loves to bounce around. She even has a bouncy house of her own, but she lets her younger siblings in it because she’s not selfish; she shares her energy with her family—and friends.

    Wyatt Tayler, who is open-minded, can spend hours on endless conversations about difficult topics. While there are arguements open at every corner, Wyatt knows how to avoid them at all cost because he is so open-minded that he lets them talk first then he tells them how he feels about it, and finally he adds his own opinion. He does look for other possibilities, though, and he can think about other situations. He’s too kind. That’s why we love him. He is truly respectful even at a young age.

    Wenston Dylaner is a seven year old boy who has an ability to make all kinds of people smile. His smile is contagious! He is goofy. He loves to make everyone smile—at times, he can make a depressed person brighten up.

    The first triplet out of three, Weslyn Melonmadeiah is the generous one.

    She gives food to the poor, helps animals at the animal shelter, and encourages people. She’s only five, but she can share her whole house and park with the neighborhood kids. She lets them play. Even her family joins in on the fun, and they won’t keep it hidden!

    Weston Alexander, the second triplet of three, is a true young gentle-man. He cares about people’s feelings. Once, he had a crush when he was four, he let the girl do her thing while he was there for her. He held an umbrella open for her, protected her, and gave her plenty of space. His feelings for her ended when she acted bossy and pushy, but he always was the first to open the door for her, and he always let her first in line. He’s five now, and he knows how to make a girl’s day. He wears little suits, too.

    Wesley Oaker, the third and final triplet, has a passion for telling the truth. He almost never lies, but when he does, he admits it and apologizes so honestly. When you need a secret to tell, he’ll keep it unless it’s necessary to speak to an adult about it.

    Lastly, the youngest sibling, Whiley Mckayla is the nicest child, ever.

    She’s so nice that she can buy you an ice-cream cone on one of your off days with the help of her parents! Of course, she’s only two years old!

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