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I had diarrhea at the oscars?

Tonight I was very hungry but I didnt have a lot of time to eat cause I had to go to the oscars so for dinner I ate beans broccoli brussels sprouts cauliflower eggplant bran muffin cheese eggs prunes and some of that Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt that makes you poop. I went to the oscars and my stomach was in bad shape, then Chris Rock came on and spoke when I noticed I dropped a tissue as I bent down to pick it up, I farted. It was really loud and disgusting and smelled like rotten eggs. Everyone was laughing at me and Chris did his best to ignore it so he could continue speaking. Then when Chris finished I farted and poo came out and rushed down my pants and went onto the floor. Everyone was laughing at me. I even got some on Lady Gagas dress. I then got up but I farted and poo came out and caused my undies to rip so I was naked completely. I then ran and tripped on Michael Strahan and my he fell and my butt fell on his face and I farted and poo came out and went through the giant gap between his teeth. He then spit it out and told me to f*cking leave then called security and I farted and diarrhea came out. My crush was there. Do I still have a chance with my crush?

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    Well you won't be winning an Oscar for this story that's for sure since the Oscars were at the start of the year .....

  • 3 years ago

    Oh No...not you again. "The diarrhea troll is back". Hi Wendell.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    OMG so you were THAT guy I saw from stage?!

    Source(s): I was the emcee.
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