When did uu realize Hillary was losing election? for me it was when trump won ohio.?

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  • 3 years ago
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    I predicted, on here, for months, Trump wouldn't only win, but he would get at least 302 electoral college votes. In some of my more aggressive posts, I said 307 was possible. He missed that 1 extra that I predicted for Maine. I didn't have much data for New Hampshire, so I gave that one to Hillary...I was pretty surprised by New Hampshire, but I was accurate for every other state. I was *this close* to giving him Colorado for a little while, but it just didn't add up consistently enough.

    I knew for sure Hillary would lose when I walked into the booth to vote, after standing in line for 30 minutes...and I didn't vote for Trump, I voted for Johnson confidently knowing Trump would win.

    I'm not going to dig through my hundreds of answers to prove it, but I here's one for 307 from the day before, that was pretty easy to find. It doesn't have all the thumbs down and weird comments I was getting two months ago...so maybe some began to believe it was possible...maybe some never even read it.


  • David
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    3 years ago

    Florida. although it had been apparent for over an hour, once the media finally called it for Trump I knew it was over for Hillary.

  • .
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    3 years ago

    Half an hour in, PBS (Mark Shields) kept saying that Trump was stronger than expected, even where he lost.

    Every time they mentioned his name, others (Judy Woodruff) immediately said, "yes".

  • 3 years ago

    Dunno, at 10:30 PM central time "The New York Times" website was calling it 95% chance of him winning (the whole thing), it was much later than Ohio because they had already called it. I hate the Times but I was sure they did not want to report it but HAD to.

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  • 3 years ago

    for me, it was Florida and North Carolina...

    ...Florida for the electoral votes, North Carolina because I considered it a big indicator of voter sentiment..

  • 3 years ago


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