Is this idea, of non-Whites and aliens worshipping and adopting myths from White cultures, and vice versa, wrong?

In some of my stories, one fictional civilization of non-Whites adopted Gods from foreign lands, such as Rodu, Perun, Svetovid, the Leshy (a forest spirit in Slavic myth), Odin, Thor, and Baldr. They not only adapted them into their own pantheon, or associated them with their native gods, but they even created their own myths for these introduced Gods. They, and several other nations that worship these Gods, later introduced their religion to liberated alien slaves, who adopted their cultures and religions.

Even though it would create an interesting mythology, I used to worry that doing so might blaspheme these Gods that I mentioned, and offend their worshippers, especially the racialists on the Internet.

And perhaps the same likewise for White characters who worship and adopt myths from other cultures (for example, Hindu hermits who are British, a Russian who becomes a Buddhist monk, and even every White Christian for following Jewish culture instead of traditional Pagan ethics), as they would make White people look weak.

What is your advice?


I am asking this because of this website:

Because of this, I sometimes thought that it is offensive to depict non-Whites (and fictional creatures) worshipping Gods from White cultures, or non-Whites using White cultures, or Whites who live and adopt non-White cultures and religions.

Update 2:

Note: my stories usually take place in made-up worlds, like Tolkien used Middle Earth and G. R. R. Martin used Westeros. Also, there are other Whites who adopted some of these Gods into their religions and cultures, such as the "Lithuanians" of my fictional world praying to Odin, Baldr, and Thor, and celebrating holidays to honour them.

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    White People are the kings and queens of adopting other peoples' cultures, so I guess it shouldn't matter to you the other way around.

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