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How do I succeed at college math level?

For those of you who ace math exams every time, how do you prep for your exam? I don't have trouble understanding math and I'll study until I understand them, and think that I understand them. But once I go into exam, I find out don't have everything completely understood. I got a B on my first one, probably an A on the second, third one I thought I made mistakes that were not a big deal and it turns out I made more than a few mistakes and I'm probably going to end up with a C on that exam and it's not because I didn't know how to do it. I honestly think first exam should've been an A but because of bonehead mistake, and third exam wasn't hard at all and I thought I was clear on what I was supposed to do and it turns out I wasn't. Is it because I have not seen enough type of problems when I was practicing? working at the same time sometimes weekends are not accessible for me to study and master them but I barely have time to understand and do a few practice and I'm always tired. Sorry for the lame excuses but what do I need to do to turn this around? I really want an A in this class.


I'll try to make time to master the material knowing inside out by practicing as much as I can but. Is that what'll take?

Update 2:

I desperately want an A. I got an A in calculus 1 and I'm trying to repeat

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    You answered your own question. Practice as much as you can.

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