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So i have had this crazy ide in my head for about 2 or 3 years. I live in Estonia (that small country in Eastern-Europe) and i would LOVE to move to Miami. Yes, i know the pros and cons of living in Miami and in America in general. I will definetly move to Miami when i grow up but i wanna

go to American school. Yes, i would like to go there as an exchange student but thats not an option because my parents dont really like the idea (they say that you never know which family you get). Well my parents have a decent amount of money and i personally think that it would be a really good idea because i have heard a lot of good things about America, Americans and their culture (Estonians dont really like Americans except me, i love Americans). Estonia is a really weird place tbh. Its very cold, people are racist and very unfriendly. We are kind of poor, and NO Estonia doesnt look like you see in google images, its very rare to see such a weather as they show there. Also i kinda hate Estonians for saying that "we made skype" because that was made in association with americans (in yo face Estonia). Please people help me, i really want to move to Miami, out of this weird place.

NB! Please people who live in Miami please tell me more about pros and cons of living there. Really appreciate it.

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    4 years ago
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    America is, especially at present, full of racism, violence and weird politics.

    If you really want to go there despite that, your best bet is as a student. You will need money to do it though. And after you go home, it does not give you rights to live there.

    To live there permanently you must get a green card and you will need to study for years to get a stem degree.

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      Okay, but what happens when i finish the school? Is it easier to go live there permanently?

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  • 4 years ago

    You can probably get a student visa if you can get accepted to a US university or college.

    Get permanent resident status is entirely different and much harder.

    Your best bet is probably to get a job with US company - but that means you need to have unique skills which the company cannot find in a US citizen.

    Don't get fixated on Miami. It may be under water in 30 years (lol). There are <<many>> other cities that are just as great.

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